Wednesday, December 23, 2009

When it rains, it POURS!

Last year, around this time, our fridge broke. It took over 3 weeks of bitching to get anything accomplished. NEVER, never, NEVER buy an extended warranty (they're a big scam, in my opinion and experience)!

Strangely enough, around the same exact time that our refrigerator gave out, we have three rogue electric outlets that are refusing to work? I started the microwave one day last week, and it pretty much died instantly. I thought that something was wrong with the microwave, and cursed buying a lower end microwave. Then I realized that the fridge wasn't running either?

I had a bit of a panic, but then thought that maybe the breaker had tripped for some reason. I went downstairs to check the wasn't tripped. I went back upstairs, and began to plug our little "night light" in to all the outlets in the kitchen. 3 of our outlets weren't working. Strangely enough (and INCONVENIENTLY) it has to be the one that the refrigerator and microwave are placed. The other one, we don't use as much, but WHY does it always have to be that freaking refrigerator?????!!!!?????

I called Wayne to tell him, and then went downstairs to turn off that breaker; just to be safe. I decided to go ahead and see if everything I could think of was working....all were ok; switches and outlets? Wayne wasted 3 or 4 days working to try to figure out what was going on....and as I sit here typing this, we have an electrician here (a PROFESSIONAL), who is just as stumped as we are? THIS sucks!

He's been here for over an hour, testing EVERYTHING, and he cannot find a problem at all? I'm hearing him tell my husband that he's going to have to come back. This being because it's taking so long for him to find a problem? Bless his heart, his dad owns the company, and he keeps calling he doesn't think his son is capable of finding the problem or something. hehehee

At first, he could find NO problem, then decided because of that, he'd just rewire something to make those outlets work again. Upon taking down one of the columns, we find there's a wire that has NO power at all. He thinks there might be a break in this wire, so now he's asking Wayne to take our bar top off!!!!

Ok, so almost 2 hours later, the poor guy had to leave for another job....we have a partially dismantled kitchen....YAY....and Happy New Year!


Jacklyn said...

I am so sorry you are going through this. I know that you both worked so hard on this house and love it. I hope that things begin to work out for you all and gets better asap. Love you all!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a sitcom spec script waiting to happen.