Monday, December 7, 2009

Something that matters.....

Once I have 2.0 up and running (the new blog), I'll be transitioning OurBiggestCatch to that site, so that I will only have to maintain one site, but can have facets so there's no boredom! :)

Anyway, until that happens, and I am SLOWLY but surely getting projects knocked out to get to that point, I'm going to use one day a week to post something about my lovely lil pod!

I took this picture over the weekend. I found a little frame/ornament at Target that I loved, and so I wanted a "family" picture to put in there. I really need to get professional pictures done before Loli is too big! I love candids way more, so we huddled up on the couch Friday night for this one! It's going in the frame/ornament!!!!

Camilla had a VERY fulfilling weekend; she got to try her bouncy swing (one of those that connects in-between the doorway), and she had her first bowl of cereal (as opposed to putting a little in her bottle). She liked both, but we're holding off a little longer on the spoon-feeding, because she gets angry if you aren't shoveling food in her mouth! LOL She couldn't swallow fast enough to suit herself.

And then, yesterday, in between all of the housework and project "end-tying" that she so patiently sat/played/ swung through for Wayne and me, I got to feed her and hug her and sing to her....

I'm extremely grateful for my lil pod....we're not perfect, but we are sooo in love. THAT makes all the difference in the world!!!



Anonymous said...

What a great pic to frame.