Monday, December 21, 2009

My Cup Runneth Over

It seems as though most of my blogs lately have to do with love! Well, maybe it's the holidays that bring it out; being thankful for friends and family that make your heart so full? Maybe it's the fact that Wayne and I are new parents, but I really think it's a culmination of it all!

As I sit here at work, I think about my life over the past few years….how things have seemed like they would fall apart at the drop of a hat; how I’ve struggled with emotions ranging from utter euphoria to wanting to murder someone, coping with death and then with birth. It has been a rollercoaster, but isn’t life in general?

Listening to holiday music, hearing my co-workers talking of Christmas dinners and breakfasts, gift-exchanging, and family gatherings, I can’t help but be filled with love. Despite the stress of dividing hours between family, figuring out what time we have to leave for so-and-so’s house and how long we can stay to visit….I am just super-excited and full of love, because now Wayne and I have our own little family. We have a child to share love with, and not just for Christmas, but for all time!

How good Santa must’ve thought we were?!!?

Remember, it isn’t how many presents you buy, or how much you can spend on a gift; the BEST gifts to give are love, compassion, devotion, and sharing your happiness. I guarantee THAT will be more of a gift to someone who is in need than a fancy sweater! Fill someone’s heart with love for once, not some gift they’ll shove in their closet and re-gift next year!

Merry Christmas & LOTS of love to my friends and family (both here, and all over the world wide web!!!!


Anonymous said...

That's why holidays suck the most when your single.