Monday, December 14, 2009

Music is the weapon for world peace!

Music makes me happy; the right music should make EVERYONE happy! The bad thing is, that there are those few bad apples out there who can't be happy, unless they are UNHAPPY! *and they suck* Those people roll around in misery, and don't understand the concept of letting others enjoy happiness!!!! But, alas, that isn't the topic of today's's the happiness that music gives!

I wish I could tell you that I come from a family of musicians; that I was raised in "Partridge Family" type environment (minus the mutual sex and drug use), but this is about as far as it extends: my dad took (piano, I think, &) guitar lessons, and he CAN sing; he's written a few songs actually, and can play a MEAN "House of the Rising Sun"! I took piano for several years, I ROCK at writing songs....can't sing a lick though (which SUCKS for me), and I can pick at a guitar and it sounds ok! That's it...I don't think any of my other family members can sing or play an instrument? That's sad, that I don't know my family any better? Now, Wayne can sing!!!! And I love when he sings to me and Loli!!!!!!!!!!!

I've always LOVED music! From the very beginning, I've been told...."Disco Duck" was MY song! I love(d) dancing, singing (even though I can't), listening to music....and ALL kinds of music. Depending on my mood, I'll pick anything from Classical to country to rock....I just have to have my music; it's like my heartbeat!

If I am in a bad mood, I can turn on the radio (or iTunes, or any net radio station) and I'm content. There is something about music that lifts my heart and spirit entirely; I forget the evils of the planet and soak in the rhythm and all is good in the universe!

To keep sane, I listen to music while I'm stuck at work. I listen when I'm painting, cleaning house, whatever....(until Wayne comes in and turns off the music) heehehehee. It's my security blanket, for sure!

So, here's to iTunes, GrooveShark, IO radio, and all of the regular radio stations that have a live feed online....God bless you all! ;) You make me very, VERY happy.


Jim Moreno said...

This post makes me smile. :-D

First time homebuyer Mary said...

I completly agree with you!! :) I'm really lucky too because Chris is the same way! Music, can turn a bad day into a good one!!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Music is magic, cuts through sadness like a knife.