Tuesday, December 8, 2009


As night falls and my loneliness seems unbearable-
I begin to dream of you.
As the yearning calls and I can't stand it-
I give in to you.
I lay in bed and drift off slowly;
My mind races,
My heartbeat quickens.
And this is all just thinking of you.

And where are you tonight, my sweet prince?
As I touch my soft, warm skin....
I close my eyes
And take a deep breath.
Chills embrace my body and I begin to shake.
My hands move across my stomach,
Slowly, and I think of you....
Why aren't you here?

The first touch, I shiver and smile.
It comes easier now;
I can almost feel the warmth of your body.

© Angela Henson 2007


Anonymous said...

Named after the show, perhaps?