Friday, December 4, 2009

The "Here and Now"

So, today's blog will cover several different things (you may want to take notes, there will be a pop quiz later!)....

First, I want to ask a favor: any small businesses out there that read, if you'd like to do some monthly advertising, please let me know. When the GigiToTheRescue version 2.0 rolls out, I want to have advertisers, and I KNOW of 2 major advertisers, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE supporting the little people (like myself), so contact me....we'll talk! ;)

Secondly, ANYONE willing to donate services or products for my "monthly give away" bin, I will LOVINGLY write a review for you or promote you in EVERY way possible as a "thank you"!

Ok, now for my "Piece of mind" segment:
I think I have a possessed doll! Yes, I said it; YES, I believe in that sort of thing; YES, I am a little freaked out by the following events!

Last night, I decided that, in order to properly "set up" a studio in our extra room/guest room, I would have to do some "cleaning". I have to get rid of some clothes and Ebay will be my best friend for the next few weeks!

I have only one Blythe left from my collection. I wanted to sell her, but didn't get around to listing it when I got rid of the others. I pulled her out last night, brushed her hair and put on cute clothes. It was time to model her, take a few pictures to post on Ebay.

I stood her up on the kitchen counter (where I knew the lighting would be good), and snapped a few pictures with my dinosaur of a digital camera. Each frame was blurry? I changed the settings on the camera, adjusted the shutter speed, and snapped a few more. Still blurry; not good enough quality to list on I thought about my camera on my cell.

Those pictures turned out decent enough, so I emailed them to my gmail account. Camilla was getting fidgety, so I put the events in the back of my mind, and played with Loli....

This morning, I checked my email to get the pictures to post on Ebay. Nothing....not one picture came through. I checked my phone to see if the pictures had sent; they went through fine? I resent the pictures to my gmail, and waited with the email open to receive them. Nothing, except that my phone shut off and restarted, ON ITs OWN with NO PROMPTING???? I tried one more time, fearing that my phone was actually crapping out....the phone SHUT OFF again, and restarted! Each time I tried to email the pictures of this doll, my phone shuts off and restarts!

I sent a picture of Camilla to my FaceBook page, also emailing it to gmail, and it went through with NO problem!?!

I ended up plugging a USB cable to my phone to get this picture off, and then I DELETED the pictures off my phone! Something is WRONG with THIS doll! C R E E P Y!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wanna buy her for your niece???? :)



Anonymous said...

Is that a bratz doll?

Anonymous said...

Is that a bratz doll?