Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Close to my Heart-The Gift of Giving

The next few blogs are going to feature charities that are close to my heart! :) It's Christmas, and that means the "season of giving", right? Well, charities need help ALL year, not just during the holidays. So remember, giving is a "Year 'round" event! ;)

The Pajama Program has become close to my heart, because I feel like children should NEVER have to suffer for an adult's ignorance or laziness. They are innocent and dependent on us to provide them with the proper living conditions and guidance.

The Pajama Program provides new pjs and books to children that are in foster care or waiting to be adopted. These people are wonderful, caring people....there are "read-alongs" and all sorts of awesome fundraisers, where the PP people get involved with the children; it's AMAZING!

An organization I found on Twitter, is Skate 4 Cancer. Growing up around skateboarders (and finally marrying one), I was curious the first time I saw a "tweet" for this charity. Also, having lost a few loved ones to cancer, I took to the new organization!!! If you take the time to read about Rob Dyer, and how Skate 4 Cancer came to light, you will truly be touched. (If you aren't, you have NO HEART!)

These are 2 charities that I will be pushing and pushing....because they are both so close to my heart!



Anonymous said...

It really is a shame how so liitle thought most people put into having children, it affects everyone down the road.