Friday, December 11, 2009

The "Boing-Boing"

This past weekend, Wayne and I decided to get out Loli's "jump a roo" swing, which attaches to a door frame with some VERY industrial "tong-like" arms. We weren't sure if she was "big enough" to put in it, but with a blanket to help her stability, she fits just fine! She's beginning to get bored with her bouncy chair and laying on the pallet, so this was a perfect idea.

Last night, I was cleaning the house, and the dogs kept jumping across the baby on her pallet, so I put her in the swing that Wayne has so lovingly named "the boing-boing". This way, she can see what's going on in the living room, watch TV if she wants, and check me out in the kitchen. I had to run upstairs, for literally 2 MINUTES, and when I came back down the stairs, this is how I found Loli:

I love being a mommy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



First time homebuyer Mary said...

Awww!! :)

Jacklyn said...

She is so adorable. Her hair is growing so quickly too. Is it curling any yet?

Anonymous said...

This was the only thing i hated about my childhood.