Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Beginning to sell art:

I don't want to wait until I have my new site up and running. With the baby becoming more and more independent, and playing on her own, I have time to actually work on paintings for about an hour at a time (or at least, that's as long as I'm letting Loli play "on her own").

So, until I get my new site up, I'll post paintings and other artwork that is for sale here! I DO have PayPal, and 2.0 will have a shopping cart and checkout feature. I researched PayPal last night, and they have the buttons ready to pop on the site-YAY!

Here's one painting that is for sale-
It's an original, 12"x16" acrylics on canvas board, titled "Autumn"

And, while I'm at it...I'm making these and selling them, customized to each order:
These shadow box cubes can be made to size, finished however you like, and shipped wherever you want! :)

Please email me for pricing and shipping info!



Jacklyn said...

Love the shadow boxes. I am thinking of adding some shelves in my room and didn't know exactly what I was going to get. I really like these. I will have to see them Saturday to get a better idea.

Anonymous said...

Not that i have any real artistic talent but i could never sell the things i made because i got too attached to them. Kinda like the people in my life.