Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Updates in general:

After watching and REwatching Grey's from 11/12, I'm just not inspired enough to devote a WHOLE blog to it! While parts of the show are growing on me, I'm disappointed with the season so far. Izzie's return had excited me so, but watching her last episode, I wanted to SLAP her! *sigh* I want old Izzie back!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, having said all that (and not having said a DAMNED thing), I will get along with better things!

Just look at this:

I wake up to this BIG smile EVERY morning now! Unless she takes a bottle after 430am, and then she is still sleeping when I get up. Over the past few days, Camilla has begun to physically giggle. The smiles are now audible, and it melts my heart.

Wayne suggested taking her pack-n-play padding out and laying her on it in the floor. So I did over the weekend, and she played and watched TV; she was much more content than being in her swing or chair! I sat down beside her, and began to kiss her little neck and make silly noises, and she would LAUGH sooo loud! Wayne finally got to hear it, too. THIS made me sooo happy!

Yesterday, I took off work, so Wayne could work on his truck. Plus, I had some errands that I needed to run....so it worked out perfectly. We decided to make only 1trip out, so I would run my errands, Wayne stopped by the auto parts place, and we decided to grab lunch. We were a little worried about the baby, because she's been having tummy problems again, but she was pretty content! And napped for almost 2 whole hours!!!!

I promise to write something with some "grit" later, I'm just bored at work and thought I'd say "hey"!



Anonymous said...

Now that's one happy kid.