Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Something with some "MEAT" behind it!

A comment on FaceBook got me to thinking last night; more to reminiscing, actually. A little over 2 years ago, I bought an audio book off iTunes called "Skinny Bitch". This book impacted me in a way that still gives me cold chills this very moment! Whether it's just hype, like most things thrown out into society, or whether it is the stone-cold truth....I'm still a believer. Call me a sheep if you will, but I'm not actually the one following "the masses" on this topic.

While I do eat meat, I've cut back TREMENDOUSLY. After reading "Skinny Bitch", I attempted to go without meat, and very successfully I might add! What made me go back to eating meat-I was weak; I missed sushi and bacon (to be honest). I am a hypocrite, to the fullest extent!

I stopped eating meat, because of the cruelty that I (physically) watched on numerous videos. There is a humane way to slaughter an animal, and factory farms DO NOT care, nor do they take the time/means to set these practices into play. That aside, I'm not here to force my opinion on anyone; I leave you to do your own research, or visit a slaughterhouse for starters!

Having left meat behind, I did not become one of those "haters" of people who consumed meat or animal products. I didn't force my opinions on others that ate meat in front of me. If someone gave me shit about NOT eating meat, I simply smiled at them and said, "You're the one clogging your arteries and distributing fat through your body." *HEY, I felt it was justified, merely for the fact that my decision was absolutely that-MINE, ALL to ME.*

Now, very recently, even before reading last night's comment, I'd made the conscious decision to go back to LESS meat; mostly what would be consumed if one ate sushi (so a little tuna, salmon, crab meat and on occasion squid and octopus). I am totally phasing out beef and chicken; on occasion I may eat a piece of bacon.

When I announced this to "the world" via Twitter and FaceBook, several people expressed their concerns for Wayne :) Rest assured, my husband will still eat meat; we just buy free-range (when we can), but organic, either way. Wayne made his own decision, last time, to go it "all vegan" with me, and he didn't like it much. He would eat meat on occasion, even then. He did acknowledge feeling better, but I know he missed eating meat.

This time around, when I told him I was phasing out meat, outside of sushi, it was HIM who started on this "It's not healthy for me" bit that left our shopping cart fairly empty. No sugary cereal, no chips for his sandwiches, I think coffee might have been the worse thing we bought!

Why am I cutting out the meat this time? I strictly stopped the first go-round because of the cruelty of factory farms; this time, merely for my health. I remember what I felt like, not consuming meat. I want that feeling back! I lost almost 17 pounds (going from a little over 160, down to a little over 140), between a healthier diet, running and yoga. I am 33; I just had a baby; I NEED to feel healthy and look good again!

If I don't do it now, tomorrow may be too late!

Shouldn't we all have that mantra?



Jim Moreno said...

Fish and free range are definitely the ways to go. Dig into a Japanese cookbook for more ideas.

I'm not weird, I'm unique!!! said...

agreed! I decided to buy "Skinny Bitch in the Kitch" too; I will sub some things in the recipes, but I'm sure it's a good jumping off point! ;)

I love Asian cooking, so that might be a great staple to incorporate into my "every day"!

Anonymous said...

You know I'm a super fan of healthy eating - and now, Mitch has jumped on the "Hippie Food Train"! I love it! It's so nice to have someone really WITH you.

We went grocery shopping last night and though we did buy meat (my hypoglycemia ended my vegetarian days) - it will not dominate our meals! Meat will be more like a side dish and our focus will be on vegetables & whole grains.

Mitch said our shopping trip would have been very different last night if he still ate like he had. He said I'd have been very frustrated. He doens't have a great knowledge of nutrition and really doesn't when it comes to "Hippie Eatin" but he's learning and more importantly he's willing to learn. He wants to change his lifestyle and be more clear in body & mind.

He'd been living off soft drinks, sugared cereal, fast food and other junk foods. Now he's learning that he likes things like raw squash!

I'm not weird, I'm unique!!! said...

YES ma'am! While I won't say Wayne was an unhealthy eater before, he was more into country cookin' (which is YUM, but not so good due to lots of butter and salt and fried everything).

I love that he is open-minded to trying; I'll always be proud because he makes the effort and supports me! ;)

YAY for good men! hehehee

Anonymous said...

Love japanese foodm there is a reason why they live longer thsn us.