Monday, November 23, 2009


(Originally began writing this blog 11/23)
As most of you know, I am in process of putting together a book (well a few actually). I've been diligent about working on this poetry book though, transcribing out of my journals. What a trip down memory lane it's been!!!

This past Friday night, after I'd tucked Loli in bed, I busted out a journal and began reading....

Now I'm sharing a glimpse with you:

I Am Full

i am full,
full of fear and frustration,
frustration and confusion,
confusion because of emotion,
emotions stemming from my love,
my love for you,

....and OH, how I love you.

i am full,
full of light and dark,
full of happiness and sorrow,
full of now and what will be,
full of content in my growth,
and i owe that to you too,

....I am full, thanks to you.

© Angela Henson 2008


SA_LOVER said...

Gigi this is so brilliant your work is fantastic

Anonymous said...

Such is being a human being.