Tuesday, November 24, 2009

REVIEW-Barnstormers Graveyard Town

Upon downloading Graveyard Town, I wasn't sure what to expect. I had yet to make it to a Barnstormers performance, but the venues must tell of their talent (as these are no "hole in the wall" dives they play!).

I anxiously awaited the first track, and as "A Warm Welcome" began to play, I felt as if I had been transported to some little shack in the bayou! The beautifully eerie score enveloped my mind and left me wanting more.

By the time "Tin Roof" played, I was trapped in a dark seduction....I wanted to email Ronnie and ask if this was a score for the next big Anne Rice movie! This beautiful darkness left me mesmerized (and although there are no vampires around, I sooo felt like I had been glamored!).

While I will admit that there are one or 2 tracks that left me "hanging" (they didn't "WOW" me the way most did, but I am a finicky person), overall Graveyard Town is definitely entrancing! It just felt like Radiohead met up with Tim Burton and a band of blues musicians from New Orleans, and fathered an excellent score for the next blockbuster vampire movie! I felt honored to hear it before its official release.

Along with the album, make sure you check out their site, www.doomcountry.com! That in itself is another treat you're sure to enjoy!

AND, for your listening pleasure, Barnstormers is playing Saturday, November 28th, along with Gypsee Yo at Java Jaay on 6th Street. It's the Official Release Party!


Anonymous said...

Always on the look out for new music, thanks.