Thursday, November 5, 2009

My desire today.....

is to become a BETTER person! And carry that through to EVERY day of the rest of my existence!

Now, let me break down (for you, and to remind myself) what that means:

I began this transition a year or 2 ago; I started doing yoga and meditating to relax. I changed my diet, completely phasing out fast food, most sweets, and medicines that were not absolutely necessary for my health. I began helping with charity work. I WANTED to do whatever I could to help people less fortunate, because I knew that somewhere, someone was smiling because of me. If I could make someone smile, that made my heart leap.

Upon wandering down this road, I began to feel so much better, both physically and mentally. It's almost like a drug; realizing that you are making a positive impact is addicting. The inner peace is indescribable!

I've caught myself slipping at times; yesterday, I wanted to rip a girl's head off for texting instead of paying attention to how many times she ran me into the turn lane. I fantasized (even) about following her to her destination and cussing her out! NOT a good example to set to my child, however! I just cussed her while she drove off, down Old Madison Pike, and I turned at the light.

After having Camilla, I've realized that I'm slipping in several areas. I thought I'd cleaned up my act, but over my pregnancy, I was so worried about staying healthy, that I let my "mental" game slip a little! Ok, A LOT!!!!

As I have started working out (physically) to lose the baby weight, I now know that I need to work out mentally/emotionally again as well. My body and mind feel distanced from where I was not-so-long ago. I don't like the way I feel or look, and THAT is about to change!

Time to SHAPE UP!!! There is no "shipping out" though. It's all or nothing with me, and I'm taking it all! :)



Anonymous said...

A great attitude to have no matter how old you are in life.