Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I'm giving a gift away! WHOA :)

I've decided one of the best ways to gain readers is, of course, by word of mouth! In this crazy day of blogging heaven (and obviously, everyone's doing it!), it's hard to find your niche. If you're like me, you enjoy such a broad variety of topics that it's difficult to narrow your blog to one or 2 specific things. I love to do reviews ('cause I'm a girl and I LOVE LOVE LOVE being girly! So send those make-up and "hair stuff" samples my way folks); I love listening to music and partaking of other arts (see my cd review for Barnstormers Graveyard Town here) or my review of Lie with Me. I just refuse to conform, and I hope that doesn't hurt me in the long run.

In my quest to keep interest to ALL groups of people, I've decided that once a month, I'm going to have some sort of "give away", be it a gift certificate to a store (Amazon/Target/etc.) or to give a book or a piece of artwork...there's going to be something every month! Starting with December.....

Here's all you have to do....get your friends to follow my blog! or get your friends to follow me here. Tell each one of them to mention your name via THIS BLOG's comments, and the person with the most "recruits" by December 31st will receive a $15.00 gift card to Amazon! Yes, that's right....on top of your Christmas goodies, I'll be sending you a 15.00 gift card to shop online at Amazon! :) And of course, their motivation to follow my blog: next month they'll be eligible for the next give away!

So, start recruiting folks!!!! :)
Merry Christmas~


Anonymous said...

Great idea, even though i'm years late.