Thursday, November 12, 2009

Grey's Suspense! Because I love her soo....

Ok, I'm a HUGE Grey's Anatomy fan! When the show first came out, I thought, "OH great, here's a NIGHT TIME soap opera! ICK." And I promised to never watch it!!!!

While I was watching Janet's girls (as she dredged through nursing school), I was supposed to get them home and record Grey's for Janet. I didn't make it to her house in time to start the recording! As a matter of fact, Janet made it there before we did, and I walk in to CARNAGE on the TV screen. This was the season when Meredith fell into the bay; it was the second half of that show!

I sat down on the couch and watched with fascination. I couldn't take my eyes off the screen....WOW, what had I been missing???!!!??? I promptly went home and rented the first few seasons on Netflix!

Two seasons later, or maybe it's been 3 now, I'm sooo addicted to Grey's (along with Nip/Tuck *RIP Teddy*, Lost and Fringe). I was SO disappointed when George died, and then when the Mercy West crew invaded SG, but OH no....they didn't KICK Izzie off the show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I vowed to stop watching it that night; however, Jesse Williams is WAY too hot to disown, so I still watch!!!!

Well folks, love her or hate her (and I personally love her because she's tall and emotional and reminds me of, well ME) Izzie is BACK tonight!

As pissed as I am that she left Alex the way she did (but you know what, KARMA sucks doesn't it ALEX???!!!???), I was shocked that Chief fired Izzie! I mean, we were left in limbo at the end of the season with Izzie coding and George on the table (unrecognizable). Who would come back??? So they allowed Katherine to return, as TR left us longing for George's sweetness. *and on a side note, I HOPE and PRAY that they aren't expecting us to accept Percy as the new George!??!

So, get ready Grey's fans...tonight Izzie returns, and there are a few more surprises in store! Texting to FACEBOOK and TWITTER, and to me personally (if you know my cell)! :) Get ready for weekly Grey's updates, spoilers, and coming episode shockers!!!



Anonymous said...

I never catch shows from the beginning either. It is always the reruns that wind up sucking me in,