Monday, October 26, 2009

So Long Ago....

I cannot BELIEVE that I've not mentioned my road trip to Savage Gulf last year! There is a MAJOR story behind that place, so let me share it with you! (and I apologize if I have mentioned this part)

I had NEVER been camping until I met Wayne. In my head, I want to say that at 18, I thought camping was for Boy Scouts and those crazy people who visit national forests! I think that my first camping trip with him was to "Land Between the Lakes", and while that was magical enough, it's a whole other story.

Wayne & I went through a barrage of break-ups, but we always seemed to reconcile. Well, there was a time when he told me that he just couldn't do it anymore, and if we were meant to be, we'd meet up again someday. Honestly, I thought this was a cop-out, if I'd ever heard one. Shortly after this break-up, I moved to Alabama.

A year later, we got back in touch (and that's another awesome story; maybe I should write a book!). He'd drive down to Alabama every weekend (from northern TN) to see me. On a gorgeous August weekend, he took me to Savage Gulf, for a weekend-long camping trip/hike.

It was my second camping trip, but the first that lasted more than just overnight! And there were hiking trails; we were backpacking it, so I thought I was a "big dog" at this point! The park was just gorgeous, and I was having a blast!

About an hour into that trip, Wayne decides he wants to show me the "infamous" cliff where you can take pictures, but it looks like your hanging onto the edge for dear life (there is an unseen ledge you can stand on while "hanging on"). When we get to this spot, it is just breath-taking! Wayne sits me down and tells me to "listen" and close my eyes. I did....

When I open them, he's down on one knee, shaking profusely, and there is a ring in his hand! He asks me to marry him!!!! And when I start crying and say yes, there is a HUGE gasp from behind us, and people start clapping and cheering. Wayne slips the ring on my finger and asks someone to take a picture. And the rest is history!



Anonymous said...

What a great engagement story, i admit that i haven't really been camping since my cub scout days.