Tuesday, October 20, 2009


My younger brother has a web "thing" (I call it that because he has poetry, a family blog, work-related posts, and his computer guru stuff all on there). I remember him talking about having "space" to host a site if I ever wanted, so last night I sent him a text to refresh MY memory. He is going to let me host with him, so he suggested I get my domain from GoDaddy.

As of this morning, I secured GigiToTheRescue.com, and now I have to get with my brother and get this started! I've mailed out formal requests to host ads to a few of my favorites, and I've actually been approached to host ads for a few other businesses! YAY me....

I didn't get to work on anything "artsy" last night; I did laundry, printed some pictures to mail to my sister and Wayne's family, and pacified Camilla (her achy tummy was messing with her again). I'll probably work on our room tonight. It's still under construction, and I don't feel like I'll ever get it where I'm envisioning it! We shall see though.

Hopefully, tomorrow and Thursday, I'll get to work on paintings! I also need to start transcribing poems onto my computer from my journals. I can't seem to find one of my journals though, which is worrying me a bit; it has the deepest poetry in it! Some of my earliest stuff was really painful and beautiful. I went through so much in my late teens and early 20's; it made for REALLY good writing! That sounds strange given that I'm barely 33. ;)

I'm sure I'll be back later. I feel that I have nothing profound to say right now, just more of an update. Maybe I'll surf the net a bit, and see if I can find more on Henry's MOTMM, and blog that!



Anonymous said...

My 20's kinda sucked too, here's to thirty.