Thursday, October 22, 2009


Let me be the first to admit, I AM the most clumsy person on the planet! I've had more "strange" injuries that one person should be allowed to rack up. I've gone through shoving a pencil through the roof of my mouth, to tearing muscles from riding horses (it was the twist to get on the horse that ripped the muscle, because I lost my balance!), to breaking ribs! That injury took a bit to heal due to renovations and my clumsy butt!

Yes, I've fallen down stairs, pulled banisters off the wall to keep from falling down the stairs; I've had my fair share of bumps and bruises. This always made things fun when I was modeling! :)

Saturday, I went to my ritualistic chiro-cracker appointment, and an adjustment took a few tries before it felt right. I didn't think anything about it. This was my second trip since giving birth (and pretty much the entire pregnancy). Later on that night, Wayne decided to BEAR HUG me and I flailed when he picked me up, and something "popped" that shouldn't have. I immediately couldn't breathe and tears welled up in my eyes. He felt horrid and kept apologizing. I was/am afraid that the rib breakage from last March didn't have time to fully heal before I got pregnant.

Maybe the calcium that should have went to those bones healing went to the baby? Did the adjustment at the chiropractor, topped with Wayne's super-sized hug, re-fracture a rib? All I know is that it hurts to put pressure on my right side. I noticed this morning that my sternum seemed a little swollen. Maybe it's only a bruise of some sort? I must get my body back in the right condition....otherwise, I may fall apart!



Jacklyn said...

Being pregnant does take a lot of the Mommy's calcium. It would not surprise me if you did accidentally break it again. Probably, it did not get healed all the way. How can resist a bear hug from your Hubby though? You can't because you two are so in LOVE!! :)

I'm not weird, I'm unique!!! said...

He just felt SO bad after. It was like he was afraid to look at me (or else break me)! :) It's much better today though, so I'm hoping something got bruised instead.

Anonymous said...

Sounds horrible, i may not have much luck in other ares of life but i am pretty damn lucky when it comes to my heakth.