Thursday, October 15, 2009


Last night, since Wayne was working, I decided to watch "Lie With Me", directed by Clement Virgo and starring Eric Balfour and Lauren Lee Smith. The movie is based on a novel (of the same name) by Tamara Berger.

While I won't lie to you, this movie is full of sexual content verging on porn, it has a gritty appeal to anyone with a heart and willingness to look deeper than the showing of skin. There is a raw beauty and powerful sharing of emotion in the characters and their struggle to cope with their feelings. Personally, my heart aches over and over, each time I've watched this movie.

The two main characters, Leila and David, are as opposite as they come. Leila, being devoid of a longing for love and thriving on pure sex, meets David, a clingy and dependent romantic. When their eyes meet for the first time, you can see the chemistry spark. It actually made me blush!

Owning the DVD, I decided to watch the movie with the director's commentary on, and I must say I was impressed! Clement really strives to make this a beautiful piece of art, and in my opinion, he was money!

When reading other reviews, especially from viewers who'd rented the movie, they were shocked "beyond the grave" at the sex scenes. I get a bad taste in my mouth when people can't see past nudity (that's what sucks about America)! Now, don't get me wrong, things can be done in bad taste, but this was not.

This movie was not made with the intent of glamorizing sex/porn; the story wants you to see the conflict and pain caused by confusion of the heart. The helplessness of Leila, a true victim of emotionless sex, and the absence of understanding what is going on as she falls in love with David, really pulled at my heart. There were times when I wanted to slap her, but I am one of those girls who's always known there was love. I cannot imagine the turmoil she must have felt, not knowing how to address the feelings that had blossomed for David.

As the movie progresses, we begin to realize David's dependence on those around him, from his invalid father, to the ex-girlfriend, and finally to Leila. He seems to be one to latch on quickly, if you show even a glimmer of love/emotion for him. While I find this a tad annoying, somehow Balfour managed to nail it so that you feel for him rather than loathe him. And the eye candy (while I sit here and stress how sex/nudity shouldn't be an influence)....well, my GOODNESS just look at them!

I must admit, I found both actors to be amazing and breathe life into their character! While there wasn't much in the way of dialog, "Lie With Me" was almost like watching a ballet; emotions and actions became their voices. While again I will use the term "gritty", this movie is a must-see for those who enjoy independent films, or movies full of emotion and inner-conflict! *Not to mention BEAUTIFUL actors*



Jacklyn said...

I have been wanting to see this movie. I have heard it is very good and it seems like when I think I am going to get to see it, something happens. Maybe I will get to see it soon.

Anonymous said...

The eric balfour character is me to a t.