Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I'm trying NOT to make it all about me!

It is MY blog, but I want to incorporate things that aren't always about me. However, in scouring the net this rainy morning, I can across this!!!! And NOW, I am absolutely giddy!

I knew there was a SATC2 in the works, but I hadn't really made time to snoop. I've been so busy with the baby that it just hasn't dawned on me to check in. I'm in LOVE with the fact that SATC was released around my birthday, and now numero duex is being released the weekend AFTER my birthday!

The first go 'round, my girls and I dressed up and went for dinner and the movie. We shall revamp it....I insist! Wayne used to love the series, but I bought the dvds and must have burned him out watching! ;) He HATES the movie now. If you mention it, he turns green and groans.

I'll have to post some pictures....I can't wait for this movie!!!!


Anonymous said...

It's like star wars for the estrogen brigade.