Thursday, October 29, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Is it really a compliment when someone tells you that you haven't changed since (insert date here)? Do they mean looks, attitude, that you haven't aged....WHAT?

I make it a point to say something like, "You look as good as you did back in school.", or "You haven't aged a day since (whenever)." Always phrase it so they
KNOW you are complimenting them....unless you aren't! ;)

Being a FaceBook addict, I've hooked up with lots of long-lost buds from my youth. Most of them do LOOK the same for the most part; now, have they "changed" since school? OF COURSE...they have families, careers, worries, MORE responsibilities, possibly gray hair.

I hope I haven't made the mistake of merely saying, "You haven't changed.", without being more specific!

We've all changed in our own way. Hopefully, for the best, some for the worse. Growing up and growing old affects each of us differently.

Now, I'll share how I've changed with you:

I have more wrinkles-tanning beds and sun worship are E V I L (but VERY popular when I was growing up).

Gray hair-Thank goodness for colorist (Thanks Chandy)!!! My hair color changes with my mood (I'm a chameleon). I still have my wild curls though, and I wear them proudly!!!

I used to weigh a whopping 98 pounds! Still 5'10", when I'm not wearing heels! I finally hit puberty, around the age of 30, and got some curves. Yes, I used to be a human 2x4! :)

Lastly, I have gained several tattoos, and lost a few piercings.

My mental and emotional changes are a little harder for me to point out. I am always so critical (but aren't we all), so I only see flaws. I can say that I have become more comfortable with who I am, as I've aged. I used to question my actions, and always doubted myself when others would question me.

As I've matured, I've learned to be more positive. Giving back to the community has become a big part of my life! I've found an appreciation for both that I don't think would have been as rewarding at the tender age of 20.

Wisdom: While I can't say I've gained much, wisdom has come to me with life experience....and don't believe anyone who says otherwise! If you haven't truly lived your life, you cannot play this card! You probably don't even OWN the card! ;) Wisdom comes with experience, and experience comes from living-it's that simple!

So there you have my breakdown....people change, but how much have YOU truly changed?



Jacklyn said...

I know I have changed dramatically in my physical and at the moment I am working on myself internally. I was well known as being the person that always gave a helping hand to anyone that I could, forgetting about me on the way. Now, I have learned that it is important to first take care of me so I CAN be there for my friends and family members. Wisdom is always learned by experience. How else are we suppose to really understand it.

Apryl said...

wow....I've changed SO much. And honestly, I think I did most of my growing up AFTER the age of 30, even though I TRIED to grow up My life has turned out to be the polar opposite of what I had planned in high school, and I couldn't be more thankful. God has worked major changes in me, and I cannot wait to see what He has in store for me in years to come.

And just wait, that little bundle of love you have won't believe how she'll change who you are, and how you see yourself.

I'm not weird, I'm unique!!! said...

Apryl, I agree. After 30, I felt so much more comfortable in my own skin....I LOVE being 30!!! *or errr, 33 now* ;) I am sooo proud of you, and the woman you've become. I always knew you would be amazing though.

Jackie, I am very proud of you too! I'm happy to have been able to witness your biggest transformation; and that was the self-confidence you've gained! I know that you are still transitioning, but acknowledging that you want to be better (to yourself) is a HUGE leap already! ;) You're already a doll to everyone around you, whether they deserve you or not! hehehehe

Blasé said...


Confessions of an Insomniac said...

I am glad that everyone feels better about turning 30 than I do :( Life definitely brings with it experiences that we would not trade for the world, but it would be great to have all the knowledge from those experiences and remain 29 forever!! I am still adjusting to this 30 thing. I hate that I am reminded of my age daily as I sift through classes with a bunch of 20 year olds :(

Angela, I never knew you at 98 lbs., but I am glad you gained some weight! You are still very slender :)

Anonymous said...

I am 29 now and it sucks, bring on 30.