Monday, October 19, 2009

Happy Halloween

It's not quite that time, but I'm feeling the longing for Halloween! Wayne and I have always had a "gathering" of some sort, ever since we bought our house. I've decorated the house and yard, made TONS of food, and shared many good times with friends.

This year I will be on hiatus though, due to the birth of our daughter and financial matters (both Wayne and I are working fewer hours). So I will have to look back on the years and all the fun times we've had! Today, I'm sharing some pictures with you:

Here I am trying to get butterfly wings to stay "put"

And this was the sexy Marie Antoinette posing with me:

Feel free to share your fondest Halloween memory!


Anonymous said...

None recently, halloween stopped being fun for me the day i was deemed too old to trick or treat. Also, not as enjoyable without any kids to share it with.