Friday, October 16, 2009

Coming soon!!!!

I started working on a new painting tonight. I am currently researching how to post my art (to sell) online. I have a paypal account, so I am sure that it won't be that hard for the rest to fall into place. I'll be offering copies of some sketches, and possibly in the future, copies of some of the paintings I do (originals will of course cost more, and those will be for sale also). I wish that I were good enough (currently) for commission work, but maybe that will come with time!?!

I am also going to focus on my writing, and bettering myself in that department. It will be a little easier for me to get that off the ground, because I am much more comfortable with my writing skills than painting! Poetry, especially comes easier for me, than say a novel. You never know possibilities are endless!

I've had my first "request" of a topic! It's a doozy too, "the damage radiation is causing on man-on-the-moon marigolds". I am not entirely sure if this man was truly serious, but I am willing to see what I can find, do some reading, and give my opinion on my finds! While glancing at the subject, I did find that there is a book about gamma rays and MOTM marigolds....

Well, mommyhood calls, so I will have to cut this one short tonight!


Anonymous said...

Wow, that is an insane topic. Like something out of asketch comedy.