Friday, October 23, 2009

Boredom leads to Discontent!

Having a shorter work week was supposed to mean that I would have things to occupy me all week. Not the case! I am SO greatful to have a GOOD job; being employed is taken for granted by most these days. Not me....I'm very happy to have a job. I love my job! I do not, however, like sitting here thinking about my loves back at home; I could be there with them right now. I could be laughing at Camilla, while Wayne makes her giggle.

I left work to get lunch, and while I was driving through my business park, I was admiring the leaves and the beauty of Autumn. Suddenly, I felt a tug at my soul....I didn't feel happy inside. What was this feeling that draped over me like a heavy, wet blanket?

My mind started wandering....was it this pretty up north somewhere? Were the seasons more alive in other parts of the country, in other countries even? I think that I'm suffering from discontent.

It's so amazing having a child. I made myself not want a baby, merely because we didn't think we could conceive. Now that we are parents, WOW! The only thing that is truly "bumming me out" is our neighborhood. I want to be someplace else. Not necessarily away from Huntsville....just out of that neighborhood.

I'm tired of the "ghetto blasters" thumping at 2AM; I'm tired of swerving to avoid broken beer bottles that were thrown out of trucks; I'm tired of our lazy-arse neighbor's neglect of his property and the throwing of trash and leaves behind his fence! I wish I could pack up our house (and I mean the actual house) and move it to another neighborhood! Outside of the city would be even better.

It's Friday; I should not be in this sort of mood! After the beautiful drive at lunch, listening to great music, and feeling the wind blowing through the car....I should be in the BEST mood! But I am not.....I want to go home and hug my baby! And then kiss my lover!!! And then I want to pack us up and move!



Jacklyn said...

Its going to be alright. I understand wanting to have a more comfortable neighborhood. I have been in that situation. Who wouldn't want to be able to just move your house!? Its gorgeous and you both have worked so hard on it. With the weather changing and not having enough dry days to counter the rain, I do not foresee a lot of great fall colors this year.
Soon you will home and enjoying your loved ones this weekend. Big Hugs to you all!

Anonymous said...

Ah, so that's why you changed your mind?

I am still on the fence myself, would have to be with the right woman which i do not see ever happening.