Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day!

Today is EARTH DAY-yay! What are you doing to be "green"? Let's see, since last year, I have started being more conscious to recycle, Wayne and I carpool to work and home, I've started using vinegar as a cleaning agent (and won't buy anymore chemicals to clean with moving forward)-this is especially important for 2 more reasons; we're pregnant and we don't think it's kind to our indoor pets!

So, even if it's just for today; pick up that cup someone threw in the parking lot (those sweepers are HORRID emmissions emittors), use the recycle bin at work (or better yet, go spend another 8 bucks on a trash can and RECYCLE at home), buy recycled paper's SO easy :)


Anonymous said...

Vinegar as a cleaning product, good idea.