Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Please Be Aware!

I know it happens to everyone; we all get distracted while we're driving, either via cell phone, children, radio, etc., but please try to be more aware!

Last night, Wayne was driving home from bowling, and someone hit him. He was in the turn lane, waiting to make a left turn, and someone tried to turn (also left) across the road, swiping his drivers side fender and door. They "claim" they didn't see his HUGE, WHITE Chevy Silverado? The funny thing (at least to me) is that if they'd stopped at the stop sign, there's NO WAY you could have missed his gigantic truck sitting in the turn lane?

I'm just grateful that he's ok; although he's sore today, adrenaline kept him from feeling anything last night. Thank God he was wearing a seat belt, and that his bowling balls (in bag) didn't fly through the front window, or worse, into his head!

People, cell phones are a privilege, not a necessity. Be conscious that people may have family, and you could very well take that away. If you're more worried about something other than your car and your courteous driving of that vehicle....DON'T DRIVE, take the bus!


Anonymous said...

Driving while talking on a cellphone is illegal here, even though it hasn't done much.