Thursday, January 22, 2009


There's really not much going on right now for me....between being 10 weeks pregnant, trying to get the house projects completed before August, working, trying to be SUPER healthy (b/c of said pregnancy), and having some iota of a social life....nah, nothing going on!

My sister is back in KY, may be moving to Alabama (but I doubt, because she really doesn't seem excited about the offer made by my dad), WAYNE is blogging on our baby site (which tickles me to death!!!!), and I got an email this morning full of strange pictures.....

This one actually made me sigh:

I can't really explain why; let's just say that being pregnant has brought out the SUPER GIRLY-GIRL in me again!

Hey folks, it's almost FRIDAY!!!!!!!!!!!



Jim Moreno said...

YOU have nothing going on? HAHAHA! Well, just keep us updated whether you do or not!

Anonymous said...

Ah, so you did change your mind? What was the catalyst?