Friday, January 30, 2009

A New Love

I don't know what made me do it, but I sat down yesterday and wrote a childrens book! At the beginning of the week, I started thinking about Wayne as a little boy, and remembering some of the cute stories he'd told me....well, you see where this is going?

We had little to do yesterday, so I started writing, figuring it would only be ideas here and there. It turned into a full blown story! With illustrations, I figure it's a good 40-page book! I have to sit down with my charcoals and see what I can still draw.

I've come up with half of another story it possible that I can present these stories to a publisher and make a little pocket change? One can dream, I suppose!!!!!!



Jim Moreno said...

Far out! A publisher? Gi, this is the 21st century! You can publish them yourself and do without the tremendous hassles of dealing with a publisher. Oh, and I want a handsigned copy!

Confessions of an Insomaniac said...

I want to read it!

Anonymous said...

Great idea, i am going to do one for my best friend now.