Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Door Just Opened

What is that saying, "As one door closes, somewhere another opens", or something similar. Over the past few months, I feel like a caterpillar that has crawled into a darkness knowing that soon I will emerge. When this new "awakening" happens, I know that it's going to be beautiful! As cryptic as this may sound, it's true.

Ever since I turned 30, I've "caught" myself growing in emotional and mental ways. I've realized that things I thought were issues were actually provocations, and that in the provoking by others and situations around me, I wasn't always handling things in the best manner. Once I realized this was happening, I began learning to control my behavior in the situations. Now don't get me wrong, I still have TONS of room for growing, but I think the first step in all of this is realizing what's actually going on!

Well, least to say, my personal shopper business didn't take off as well as I would have loved; this made me a bit shy to wanting things for myself. Let's face it, with gasoline being 4.30 a gallon right now, who can afford to pay someone to do their shopping? It's hard enough filling up your own tank right now!!! Wayne and I are actually riding together, just to keep from filling up his gas-guzzler.

Since the personal shopper thing is on the back burner for the time being, I began to throw ideas around to make extra money....photography (Oh, wait, I'll have to BUY A CAMERA for that), painting (which I must suck at, because only those that love me are buying my art), Ebayer (I'm beginning to believe my friend that Ebay is EVIL), and then lastly just going to classes and getting that freaking accounting degree I've been avoiding. Yesterday, something I found to be peculiar came to light.....

A dear friend (same friend that thinks Ebay is evil) was emailing me. A couple of weeks ago, she showed me a buliding that was for sale. She is a yoga guru....she asked me, "What does this remind you of?", and as I peered into the window of the small, galley-style building..."OH MY!" I saw bamboo flooring, soft buy lifting paint on the walls, art hanging and sitting ALL around. I could hear relaxing music, and see M at the front of a class of SUPER BENDIES....it made me smile. On this occasion, M asked me about the studio.

She's meeting with the realtor this evening to look at the building; our options look VERY good, and I am 200% in this! Keep your fingers crossed "Fans of 'Gigi to the Rescue', I may soon be a Master Yoga Instructor-in-Training! :)



emmier said...

It's not an easy matter to control your emotions and react right in various situations. Yoga that I attend helps me much.

Confessions of an Insomniac said...

Do you have an update on your yoga business? This would be awesome. I wish you all the luck! Where have you been these days?

Anonymous said...

How apt, i turn thirty next month and have noticed a huge mental growth change in myself as well.