Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Ninja Unicorn!

I can't get this phrase out of my head!!! I giggle every time I think about it.....

While watching "Wipeout" last night, one of the guys running the course is being interviewed. Wayne and I usually talk through most of this, as it's silly and chopped up. Now, I will admit that I was drinking a beer (and Icehouse does give me a kick in my pants!), so I was "giggly" already. Out of nowhere, I hear this guy say, "I'm a ninja! I'm a super ninja!! I'm a UNICORN ninja!!!"

That's all it took; I picked up my phone and began texting those who I knew would appreciate the phrase, or even still be awake at that time to get the text! I said "I am a unicorn NINJA" And one of the people that makes my heart stay flighty responds back, "I have NO idea what that is, but I LOVE it!", which made my heart swell. I giggled! She gets me.....and that means the world to me.

The point to this blog is that I am beginning to let go of much "baggage", and in doing that, I have found that little things make me smile sooo much more than before. I feel more like myself and less jaded!

I am the Unicorn Ninja!


Confessions of an Insomniac said...

I think you need to come with an awesome Halloween costume to outwardly express your inner unicorn ninja. Are you having a party this year?

susankellogg said...

A great idea about the costume! Unusual things and beahavior always attacts people's attention. The thing is in how they react to them. But it shouldn't matter to you at all.

Apryl said...

Tag yer it!

(Unicorn Ninja? I think I'm having some sort of 80's flashback)

Anywho, check out my blog for your tag!!

Anonymous said...

A meme waiting to happen.