Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tha Bebe......

A friend's mother had this chihuahua; a conspiracy was formed without my knowledge (duh), and this is what transpired.

Wayne: "Honey, Mxxxx and Axxxx have a chihuahua that needs a good home, RIGHT now."
He knew that I wanted to breed Myles, and hopefully produce a puppy worthy of confirmation shows.
Me: "Female?"
Wayne: "Yup.", as he smiles sneakishly. "I told them we'd take her."

On a Saturday afternoon, in November, this is what we got (but she was MUCH smaller and more timid at the time).

I don't think I've ever seen Myles more happy! They played in the back yard, sniffing each other and doing (what I call) the Mexican Jumping Bean. I've only seen chihuahuas do it too; it's hilarious. They face each other, almost shoulder to shoulder, ears perked just so, and they literally hop with this strange, jerky motion. It makes me giggle thinking about it.

We were told her name was Chiquita (this would NOT fly for me). M and A left, and we got the shocker of our lives. First off, little Chiquita's linage somewhat crossed over with Myles! HOW am I supposed to breed chihuahuas with the same father?!!? But that wasn't the worst part of the situation.....

I went upstairs to get a towel or something, and Wayne calls up to me. When he raised his voice to "upstairs" level, Chiquita went NUTS. She cowered and peed EVERYwhere. She then started this uncontrolled squeal/howl thing that sent Myles under the couch in horror. Wayne tried to comfort her, but she took off with her tail tucked and continued this howling.

I came downstairs in a fit, thinking that she'd been stepped on, and found Wayne trying to talk her into submission. This poor dog was a nervous wreck, literally! We'd been told that she "just wasn't in a good place" and that the mom's boyfriend said she had to go. I later found out from a drunken M, that the boyfriend would kick our poor chihuahua across the room if she got in his way.

We discovered that she would respond to "Baby", as this is what Wayne called me. So, that night, sitting in the floor, Chiquita was "laid to rest" and Baby was reborn in her body. We worked with her diligently, exposing her to people and other animals. I'd take her on a leash EVERYwhere I went. She learned faster and better than Myles, but I've always been partial to the fact that females learn faster. ;)

She now LOVES men; loves to ride in the car; she squeals when she's happy (not scared and hurting); loves to chase squirrels and can't stand to see them in the back yard; she's very much a "daddy's girl"; and the creme de la creme: if I get onto her for something or tell her "no", she will bow her little head and look up at me (you know, one of those looks where the eyes are rolled up and the forehead wrinkles just a little?). She will start to squint those big, brown eyes, and then one single little tear will fall from her eye......

.....and then she sticks her tongue in my mouth!!!!!!! YUCKY...and I don't know how she does it; it's some sort of Jedi power, or she has the tongue of a gecko!



Jim Moreno said...

Gigi! I miss little Bebe & Myles! When can I come over!

Anonymous said...

Hey now, i have a friend who's nickname is chiquita eriquita.