Monday, July 14, 2008

Something that makes me Smile!

I remember watching t.v. in the dark, alone when my phone goes off. My sister is on the other end, and she nervously tells me that she's pregnant. I could tell that she was worried about my reaction; that I would somehow judge her into condemnation. I think that the only thing I asked her was who the father was (worrying that it was her ex).

Over the next few months, I watched and listened to her become very pregnant....hearing the stories of her getting sick or crying at the drop of a hat. She'd laugh as she would tell me how she went into overhauled breakdown because she couldn't find something she was craving at the store. I wished that I had lived a little closer to her, so that I could've been there for her more. But she had her friend and our cousin looking intently after her, and she worked her butt off until the doctor put her on medical leave.

Unfortunately, she and I had a falling out around November that left me crying and frustrated. I decided to give her space, if she tried to contact me, we'd talk then. She did (thank GOODNESS)!!!!

She and I arranged for me to drive up to Kentucky to pick her up in April. I made her swear to talk to her doctor and make sure that if anything happened, we'd be set to take her to the hospital here, and there'd be no flack from the ER (her due date was mid-May (ish)!!!! So, I take off work, drive up to get her. We had a fabulous weekend.

HA, I bet you actually thought I was going to post pictures from that weekend, huh? NOPE ;)

*Flash forward a little*
Natalie came a little earlier than scheduled....Wayne and I planned a float on the Flint River. On our way to drop our boats off, I get a text, "I'm on my way to the hospital....she's coming for REAL this time!!!" So I text her back, telling her that we're going to be out of range on the river, but to keep our brother and daddy updated.

This little bundle (and I mean TINY) was born on May 4th! I didn't get to meet her until June, but that's ok. Sky keeps me posted and sends me pictures almost daily. I actually "talked" to her on the phone Friday. She was giggly and cooing.....ahhhhh, my sister did a great job of making her beautiful; she's doing a good job being a mommy! She's even teaching her the value of a dollar while doing laundry.....



Jim Morneo said...

LOL, awesome photo! Send your sister my regards, Gi. :)

Confessions of an Insomniac said...

She is so cute! Being an aunt is so exciting :)

I'm not weird, I'm unique!!! said...

Being an aunt is AWESOME!!! :)

And Jim, I'll send Sky and Natalie a big "whaddup" ;)

Anonymous said...

I wish people would stay in touch with me when i give them their space but they never do.