Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Projects coming our way!!!!

The Past Few Days-

Wayne and I have been planning, for a while, to complete our privacy fence. We added the fencing to either side of our home 3 or so years ago, as we had 2 incidences where complete strangers would wander over and “peek” into our back yard. That very summer, Wayne bought $400.00 worth of planking and forms and built a fence. So (to paint the perfect picture) we have privacy fencing across the back of our property, and on either side of the house (so that you cannot see into the back yard from the front of the house). We have chain-link fencing on either side, separating our yards from the neighbors (but those are “technically” their chain-link fences).

We’ve had great neighbors on either side of us, until about a year ago. Ken still lives on one side, but Wanda was evicted, and another family moved into the house. Not that they are completely horrid, as I really don’t know them, but they haven’t made a great impression on me to date. Not a week after moving in, LOUD music would blare from around 330 a.m. until about 7, and then stop. I put up with it for about 2 weeks before I started calling the cops on her.

Then, there is the issue of her children. I am a firm believer that children won’t learn unless you set an example, and these are no exception. While they are both polite enough, and I make every effort to chat with them when I see them, they LOVE to throw things into our yard. Once this happens, and they don’t think we’re home, they climb over the chain-link fence that separates our yards. This irritates me for two reasons: A.) we have a pond with fish and plants that could easily become a drowning issue B.) it’s just BAD manners to trespass on someone else’s property, ESPECIALLY because (duh) there’s a fence there for a reason!!!!

Wayne busts his hump on a daily basis, to make sure that our back yard is our “oasis”. This is where we relax after work, and where we hold dinner parties and gatherings. The thought of inconsideration really upsets me. My dad taught me manners at a VERY early age, and I don’t understand why God can allow lazy, ignorant people to copulate! If you aren’t smart enough to know right from wrong as an adult, or you’re just too lazy to care, then you should automatically (via nature) be sterilized! I’d opt for surgical sterilization, but I’m already paying for them to be on welfare, so I don’t feel that I should have to pay to prevent them from spreading their stupidity.

(Now, chemically castrating/sterilizing rapists is another story all together!!!)

Anyway, we’re working on putting an 8-footer up on that side to keep the children from throwing things into the yard; they surely won’t be able to climb over, as there’s already a drop-off that would make the fence upward of 13 or 14 foot tall for them. But, Wayne had a change of “plans”…..

Suddenly, we’re putting up a “piece” of fence in the back corner of our lot that currently will join up with the back fence that was there when we bought the house. I bought a hammock with a sun cover and a “bug” net that goes all the way around. I LOVE going out after dinner, and laying with the pups while listening to my iPod. This makes Wayne nervous (for some strange reason). I’m guessing that it’s because the hammock is so close to the fence, and someone could hop the chain-link fence and snatch me-LOL. So, he’s putting up a fence to shield the hammock area, but he’s really going to “do it up” and make it a private area for me. He’s got something up his sleeve, but he won’t tell me completely what’s up. He is biding his time, as his annual vacation is coming up, and he’ll be able to work on said-secret project while I’m at work.

The last time he did this, I came home and there was a 9-ft x 4-ft wide hole in our backyard, which became a lovely water garden. So, who knows what this vacation will bring me…..Yes, I am sooo spoiled! (but in a good way)


Confessions of an Insomniac said...

I like the idea of sterilizing lazy people! What a great line :)

Anonymous said...

As do i. It only gets worse and worse too, idiocracy is here,