Monday, May 5, 2008

Thank you, mister!!!

We had a full and fun-filled weekend! Friday, I finished "The Golden Compass" and had bought the movie, but I was determined to read the book before I watched the movie...period! After reading that book, the movie was a "Cliff's Notes" for sure....I liked both, but the book contained 50% more story than the movie touched on, sooooooo.............

Saturday, Wayne let me sleep in, which was nice. It was raining out, and the raindrops were tapping on the roof; soooo lulling! I got up, we got dressed and went out for a little grocery shopping and to pick up our new discs for disc golf. :) Daddy was also coming into town, which made me UBER happy (I get to see him so little, and I AM a "Daddy's Girl" BIG TIME!

Wayne and I had decided, come hell or high water, we were doing a float Sunday, so we'd picked up some supplies for the trip as well. Wayne spent time working in the yard while I straightened the house (my other Saturday ritual). I opened all the windows and let the nice spring breeze fill the house....what an awesome weekend, already.

Sunday was, as promised by our local weather, a chilly morning, but plenty of sunshine. Wayne (again) let me sleep in, but thank goodness I awoke at 8 to birds chirping and puppies playing downstairs. We ate a light breakfast, donned our kayaking clothes (which is normally for me a swimsuit, shorts, pool shoes, a tank top and a sweatshirt over that), Wayne went to get the boats ready, and I packed our cooler. An hour later, we're on the road. It's already warming up....

I played a compilation CD of 80's music as I followed Wayne out of town and into the wilderness of North Alabama. We dropped my car off at our friends' home (where we were to take out), and headed toward (what we call) Upcreek Bridge.

On The River
Wayne and I aren't 15 or 20 minutes into our float, when I hear a strange noise. I turn around and look at him to see if he heard it too, but I get the impression that he did not. I listen a little harder and look around. It sounds like a kitten, but strange. "Wayne, do you hear that?" He shook his head, so I start to paddle a little down stream, still listening.

The soft "mew" became a little more distressed. "Wayne, there's an animal up here somewhere!" I start to scour the trees and bank to see if a kitten is stuck. "Honey, be careful. It could be a baby bobcat or something dangerous! Make sure to look really good and don't get too close to the bank." Then I saw it. Well, I didn't see EXACTLY what it was, but I saw movement at the water line. This little ball of fur, moving.

"Wayne, I think it's, I'm not sure, but it's trapped in the water somehow." I grew a little frantic and started to slowly paddle my kayak over toward the bank. Wayne is still yelling for me to WATCH for the mother/protector of this furball. Then, it turns its little face to me, and quickly turns back around. I thought it was a muskrat or was killing me not knowing what this little thing was, but I then realized something even more horrific!

There, around its little neck, was a limb line. (I am TOTALLY anti-limb line; if you are TOO LAZY to actually fish, then DON'T do it!!!!) Fear actually gripped me, as Wayne and I have pryed many HUGE hooks out of animals that have been trapped by these horrid devices! "Wayne, there's's a limb line! The poor thing has a line wrapped around it's head. It's trapped and can't get out of it. What if there's a hook in him?!!?"

By now, Wayne has paddled over to me, and almost instantaneously we realized that we had a baby beaver on a limb line. *I must admit, that I am quite upset at this point*

Wayne starts to paddle over to the bank and asks me to W A T C H for the mother. "Here, take my sweatshirt to wrap him in, so you can hold him without getting bit." But Wayne's slowly floating over to the bank, so I start watching for Mother Beaver. I floated beside Wayne and used my paddle as a "brake" so he wouldn't drift, and I watched in awe, as my husband slowly wraps his hands around this little beaver.

He fidgets with the line that is wrapped around the tiniest neck I've ever seen, all the while talking softly to the beaver. (I think there may have been a threat if bit, but my husband is an amazing individual!) Wayne cuts the line, so he can get a better advantage on getting it off. He tells me that I am going to have to cut the line that is wrapped around the beaver's neck while he holds him. *This poor thing is so tired from struggling that he just lays in Wayne's hands* But what's this....the line is just merely twisted (like 100 times), but not tangled or tied in any way. Wayne twists it a time or 2, and it loosens up and slips right over its little head.

A ball of fur with a HUGE, flat tail is cuddled in Wayne's hands. It looks up and around a bit, Wayne turns and puts it back in the little hole on the bank where we found him (there is a limb slightly under the water there). The little beaver stands on the limb and turns its little face back into the hole (just as I'd found him). I ask if it'll be ok, and Wayne says he thinks so. Then, out of nowhere, it turns back to us and looks directly at Wayne, as if to say "thank you". That's when I piped up, "Thank you mister!", in some cute, cartoonish voice. We watched him swim down the bank a bit and disappear into a beaver dam. It was that close to home and almost died! I cried from happiness, and confessed to my husband that if I ever hear someone mention that they use limb lines, I will smack the CRAP out of them. This is a promise!

*and if you fish with limb lines on the north Flint River, you'll constantly be short a few, because I bought a nice, new, shiny pair of industrial scissors. So if your lines aren't tagged with information, they're coming down! If they are tagged, you'll get a nasty little note telling you what I think of your laziness!*

The rest of our float was fabulous! Wayne caught several big bass; I caught a bunch of twigs; we had a blast, and even ended our night with dinner at D & C's (thanks for feeding our dirty selves!).


Anonymous said...

I didn't care for the film either to be honest, must be why it never got the green light for the sequel.