Monday, March 3, 2008

Weekend Madness

WOW, what a marvelous weekend! Let's recap:

I'll start with Thursday, because that was "technically" the beginning of my weekend (past). I finished up work, and left around 430pm. Got home and made dinner for my hubby (who had graciously cleaned up for me-vacuuming and all). We watched a movie, and he decided it was bedtime. So I curled up on the couch with the pups and watched "Sex and the City" reruns for a bit.

Friday, I got up early and called the vet to discuss why my dog still has tissue poking out from her surgery 2 weeks ago. ( Monday Monday ) We brought her home from that, and it pretty much looks the same, but we're being told that they're A. going to have to "redo" it B. we're going to have to pay for the "do over" WHAT??!!?? I don't think so. Begone former beloved vet!

So, it's time for my good friend's baby shower (Saturday), so I have to do some shopping. I'm making food for her party, and I want things to be perfect (those of you who know me will understand my neurotic state of planning). I pick up all the last minute ingredients, and happily head back home to start prepping yummy snacks. Once I get home, this is what I prepared......
*Corn Salsa-corn, salsa, cream cheese, a little sour cream, paprika, garlic powder, and shredded cheese.
*Baked turkey and brown sugar ham subs with provolone cheese.
*Spicy salsa and chips
*Port wine and pepper jack cheese balls with multi-grain crackers.

I also prepared some homemade apple dumplings for us. Wayne came home from work a little early, so we decided to go to the bowling alley. I'd promised him that we'd have 2 of his newer bowling balls redrilled (for his Valentine's present from me). They weren't performing the way he'd anticipated, and with him trying to go pro in the bowling world, he needs his gear to work at its best! So off we go (can you believe that I agreed to actually bowl after almost a year?).

At the bowling alley, we take care of Wayne's stuff and head to the counter to get a lane. Nope, no lanes available-it's a mixed league and it's FULL! We decided to have a beer and say "hi" to the bartender. We take the bowling bags out to the car and head back in to the bar, grab a few beers and shoot a game of pool.

Since I suck at breaking, I racked. Wayne shoots the cue ball clean off the table. I'd forgotten how fun it is to "hang out in a QUIET bar and shoot pool!!!! :) WHOA, I actually had mad skills tonight. I was holding my own until the last few shots. But, leave it to Wayne to start showboating and scratch on the 8-ball. Advantage-Gigi :) heheheee

We play a second game to finish our beers. I, again, rack (and yes, I know I won so I should be breaking *see above paragraph). Wayne, in his formidable style, scratches on the break. LORD have mercy. He's played pool against Janette Lee for crying out loud! The boy acts a freak for me-go figure. I was having so much fun...I just didn't want to pay 5 bucks for a burger, so we headed home.

The rest of Friday evening was pretty uneventful, outside of snuggling with the hubby and having off to Saturday.

I have to pick up the cake by 715 am, and that's EARLY for me! Out of bed, head to the bakery. I get the cake and it's OH so PERFECT! I was happy. When I got back home, I made BLT's for Wayne and myself, showered, finished prepping for the shower, and then headed to Amanda's (which is where we were holding the shower). I get almost to Madison and realized that I forgot the fruit tea, the subs, the salsa, my camera....yep, I think that's it (other than my brain). DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!

I swing in to a local grocery and pick up a gallon of green tea, a fruit and veggie platter (and I still forgot salsa). I get to Amanda's in one piece, and we get set up for the shower. It was fun (I'll make a long story short), and I'm pretty sure our friend was happy with her bountiful booty (I'm throwing this in because of the conversation about pirates). Saturday evening was also pretty uneventful (movies and a few drinks before bed).

Sunday, Wayne let me sleep FORever, despite the fact that we were supposed to get up, eat breakfast, go hiking, come home for bowling on ESPN, then head to Home Depot for supplies. He made orange rolls for breakfast; we then went to Home Depot before bowling. I actually watched the tournament with him, and then we decided to head out back for a bit.

We worked on cleaning the pond, picking up leaves and twigs, I transplanted a miniature rose that Wayne bought me, and a few other things. Wayne and I spend a good bit of the summer months in our back yard, grilling and enjoying the waterfall and pond. It's my favorite time of year to have dinner parties and whatnot, as I'm very proud of what Wayne's done with our landscaping! :) It's relaxing to come home and be able to sit out back, eating dinner and just taking in the serenity of it all!

So we played/worked outside pretty much until sunset. I've promised before to post some pictures of the home renovations and the backyard....I'll try to get to that all this week!

Thanks for stopping by again, and allowing me to share my most wonderful weekend! Hope it was great for everyone ;)


Confessions of an Insomniac said...

Sounds like a busy weekend! I am sorry about Bebe. Wayne got holes drilled in his balls ... ha ha.

I'm not weird, I'm unique!!! said...

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHeheheeheeeee.....woman you crack me up. You don't know how hard it was to carefully word some of the bowling alley stuff....I almost decided to say something like, "for Valentine's, I decided to let Wayne get his balls plugged and redrilled", but I knew it sounded HORRIBLE :)

I needed that giggle!!!!