Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I've got the fever!

Being stuck in the office (with no windows) KNOWING that it's beautiful outside SUCKS!!! Having a major muscle strain and not being able to workout/run outside in said beautiful weather SUCKS even more. Although, I will have to admit (and not act upon) that my muscles are loosening up finally! I can bend forward and twist and only feel a bit of a knot under my left arm. Taking it "easy" isn't very easy right now.

This is the time of year when most people begin to open their windows and do the "heavy-duty" cleaning to wash away the "winter blahs". Wayne has been diligently working on our backyard over the past 2 weekends, prepping flower beds and touching-up our grass. He's also had to babysit me! This weekend, I think he's cleaning the garage (as we've recently been remedied of a Foosball and air hockey table).

Me, well, I'm going to slowly work on the house. There's lots of stuff to get rid of....a few pieces of furniture that will be replaced, clothing, etc. I will have to constantly remind myself to take it easy though; I can't risk reinjuring my side. Do you know how difficult it is to sit on your arse 24/7? I can't do it!!!! Not again....EVER!

So, the weather forecast over the next week looks promising-highs in the low 70's and lows in the 50's!!! Yay :) This means that I can also reintroduce food to my koi. They have been scavenging off of whatever that occurs naturally in our pond. Now they get cheerios and veggie pellets (and occasionally grapefruit).
*while these aren't my koi, they look pretty similar*

I hope that everyone is enjoying spring; hopefully the weather's just as beautiful where you are!


Anonymous said...

9 to 5 is hell on earth, mainly due to tge people you have to deal with.