Wednesday, March 12, 2008

How not to clean a koi pond.....

So, Wayne and I decided we were going to stain the grout in between our ceramic tile over this past weekend. We'd agreed upon a nice grayish-blue and headed off to Home Depot Saturday morning. Well, when we got there, they only sell grout stain in more earthy tones (beige, 2 shades of darker brown, and 3 shades of grays-none with ANY hint of blue). We opted for "nutmeg" and picked up the sealer/cleaner to go with the stain. I also bought Wayne a charcoal grill with a smoker (it's kinda like the fancy propane grills you see, but we still think charcoal grilling is the way to go!).

We headed to the bowling alley after Home Depot-there was a tournament, so we couldn't bowl. :( So, Wayne gets this lovely idea to go window shopping for couches....I still haven't found "the right one" to replace our consignment purchase 3 years ago. With the way we have our floor plan set up, it's going to take an unusual couch to fit and look good.

We headed to a few furniture stores (got side-tracked at Gander Mountain), and finally ended up at the CHEAPEST store in North Alabama.....where we found the most amazing couch! Wayne is supposed to go "haggle" with them to see how cheap we can get it. It's microsuede, BRIGHT red, and I just love it! I'll post pictures once we get it home.

Ok, so we'll fast-forward a bit to Sunday morning. It was beautiful and sunny; birds were chirping, Wayne was yelling at the dogs every five minutes because they wanted to go out. I decided that I was going to help Wayne! He'd made faux beams to go in our living room, and I was helping him to measure and fit things. We hung the cleats to attach the beams to, and he showed me how to use a miter saw to cut angles (miters) for the beams.

Once we completed those tasks, he settled in to watch bowling (a Sunday ritual) on ESPN, and I went outside to feed the birds and dose the pond with barley. We have a bit of an algae problem, because Wayne covered the waterfall with plastic sheeting. I've been dosing it once a week, and it's really clearing up. I stepped out onto "my rock" and bent down to sprinkle the barley into the water, when I suddenly lost my balance and started over into the water. With a quick jerk and twist, I uprighted myself, but felt something "pop" and it felt like my muscles rolled half way around my waist. "OUCH", and I stood up. When I started to walk into the house, and couldn't pull the sliding glass door open, I realized that something was very wrong.

Being the stubborn ass that I really am, I told Wayne what I'd done, but insisted that I was fine, and I set to work staining the grout in our kitchen. I grabbed a pillow to rest my legs/booty on, and cut the bristles off one of my paintbrushes. We stained a small spot close to the wall to see if we'd like it first. IT ROCKS!!!!!!! (I'll take pictures tonight, because I started hurting too bad to finish, and I refuse to let Wayne make a mess of the floor. So 1/2 is stained and 1/2 isn't) But, I plan to finish it either tonight or tomorrow evening.

I love the renovations we've done to the house....Wayne works sooo hard on the yard, that I insisted that the inside look as beautiful as the outside! He's done wonders; I can't wait until he starts his own business to do customizations all the time!

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Anonymous said...

Funny, how easy it is to throw something out like tgat through the dumbest things we do.