Monday, February 18, 2008

Monday, Monday

Happy Presidents' Day :)

My female chihuahua (Baby) developed "cherry eye" a while back. Over the weekend, I got scared! We have been told, by our vet, that hers was not a bad case, and that surgery would only be necessary if she showed signs of irritation or discomfort (being that she's a small chihuahua, we didn't want to risk putting Baby under for another surgery unless absolutely needed). Last week, at some point, the cherry eye went away, and she was "pinkie" free for several days.

I have not realized, and now I feel horrible, because that little dog was sooo much happier and confident while it was gone. Friday evening, it popped back out BIG! She started pawing at her face and Myles wouldn't leave her alone (he wanted to lick her little face-OVER and OVER and OVER). I called Dr. Angela C. (our beloved vet) and told them I wanted to bring her in first thing this morning to get it fixed!!! I asked all the questions I needed, in case something happened while the office was closed Saturday and Sunday, and decided that it needed to be doneNOW!

It was hard to not feed her, but last night we fed Myles and Baby a little earlier than normal; picked up their food at 8 p.m. (as instructed for her), and I stayed up and watched a little t.v. and cleaned up the kitchen from dinner. Wayne was to get up early and feed Myles, while bringing the "Bebe" up to me for an extra hour of sleep (Wayne gets up at 430-ish, and me-not til 6!). Well, he turned off his alarm and didn't get up! Luckily, at 6, when I rolled out of bed, he let the dogs out, brought her up to me and fed Myles downstairs.

The "girls" got ready upstairs and the boys ate breakfast downstairs. Wayne's off to work, and I am prepping the pups for the "strange" day. Myles in "the slammer" (our kennel); Bebe in the carrier with her favorite blanket; radio on for Myles; grab my lunch bag, purse, jacket, dog carrier, phone, and I'm out the door! It's 7:10 a.m., and everything's running smoothly-YAY. I drop her off at the vet, leave them my cell number and head to work.

No one's here (as usual) when I get here (but normally I'm here a little later). OH yeah, it's Presidents' Day.....wait, did we have to work today? Yep, of course we do! WHEW.......heheheee

I got a call a little before 11 that my lil POOHbear made it out of surgery and was awake and happy. I decided to go home for lunch to see Myles, and make sure he was alive and hadn't kicked it from loneliness :)

When I got home, he was whining and running all over the house, looking for Baby. Poor thing is soooo confused! He didn't even want to go outside to "potty" when I open the door; he ran straight out to the large cluster of monkey grass we have by the patio, peed, ran straight back into the house and proceeded to look for her! :) I couldn't help but laugh a little and tried to console him. He didn't understand-God forbid that one of them dies before the won't be pretty!

So I talk to Myles for a few minutes to calm him, but every time I'd say Baby, he'd go into panic mode and start searching for her again! I hate it too though; I cannot wait until I can get out of work to go pick her up! She cannot be released until after 3 today, but I need to pick up a few other things from the vet, so I didn't want to make Wayne remember it all....I'll pick her up at 430 instead......she's going to be soo happy after she heals though-no more little pinkie sticking up (as I'm sure it did bother her vision a bit).

Hope everyone had a great weekend (I did)!


Confessions of an Insomniac said...

Poor Bebe! I am sure she will feel much better, though. Myles loves his Bebe!

Anonymous said...

Amazing how even the tiniest animals have more compassion than the largest human.