Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Bon Mardi Gras!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok, I have to start off with "I haven't had a GREAT Fat Tuesday since my Partner in Crime moved away a few years ago" *she knows who she is* That year, we met a few other friends up at Tim's Cajun Kitchen, and we all ate lots of food and drank MANY, many, MANY beers. There was even some guy with TONS of beads, throwing them out to EVERYONE.....I miss the "bead guy" too.

Tim's is still a hoot for Mardi Gras (this is a local dive that serves mostly-true Cajun cuisine); there's always specials on beer and hurricane drinks. I love the bartenders (as they treat me like a princess), and some of the locals (that haunt the place every night) are cool. I'd almost consider myself a "local" because we eat there at least 3 times a month.

I must say, I had an excellent Mardi Gras this year! I sent a text to some fun people I like hanging out with, and an email to those whose numbers I don't have. I got a few "maybe's" a definite "yes" and then it just happened......Two great friends of mine and Wayne were coming; we haven't seen them in a while as she is a busy bee running 3 different businesses, and he works full-time for the government and is in process of getting his pilot's license. YAY!!!!!!!!
My fave photographer also texts me to say he's a sure thing.

I leave work, go vote and head home to change into jeans and a t-shirt. It's about 65 to 70 outside still, so I opt for a wife beater and a red hoodie with my jeans. I flat iron my hair and pull part of it up; tennis shoes and a spray of perfume, and I'm out the door!

When I get to Tim's, I'm greeted by a local, who hugs me and walks me to the door. I see Lewis first thing; hug him. Then I tell him about D & C, who are supposed to be coming, but may be late because they had to go vote also. I look up and there they are. We sit down, order drinks, chat, **phone call** from Mike D saying that he's coming too! AWESOME.....my friends love me!

Mike shows about the time that D & C & L-photog are leaving, this is actually good; I may stay til Wayne is done bowling! Mike D and his friend have a few drinks with me; they leave, and Wayne calls to say he's out of bowling. I tell him if he'll come by, I'll buy him a shot of Makers (his fave AND the ONLY bourbon). I have at least 20 strands of beads (which is good seeing as how most of the patrons had 1 or 2), and I'm happy! Two beers+2 jello shooters+20 beads+good company=HAPPY times and another GREAT Mardi Gras for your one-and-only, Gigi!!!



Confessions of an Insomniac said...

I miss you! July! July! I am actually coming into town this weekend for a brief trip. I will not be able to visit long, but want me to drop by while I am there? Will you be around?

Anonymous said...

Never been to a mardi gras, something to put on my to do list.