Friday, January 18, 2008

Meaningfully Meaningless.........

What a perfect Monday.....bored out of my mind; within 15 minutes of finishing all tasks I have on my desk, knowing perfectly well that when I walk into my supervisor's office she won't have ANYthing for me to do......*sigh*.

Ok, let me update my life since the last time I wrote, I had accidentally killed the new love in my life. I still owe pictures of the house since the renovations (maybe I'll blog on whole, hilarious story about that w/ pictures), but we've almost completed the laundry room now, and we've decided that we're going to replace all of the interior doors with something of an "upgrade". I know this needs to happen because when my sister and her friends came down in October, I could hear the whispers and giggles all night. We found out yesterday, that a friend from Arizona will be coming to see us in May.

*let me pause for a minute to go to the snack machine and get a root beer-yuuuummmmmy!*

oK, I fought my first major illness in a while. I've been fighting a sinus infection for a while; I'm used to it....I thought it was just part of my life (like most people have bad allergies-well, my allergies cause sinus infections). The first weekend of this year, I got sick (for about 36 hours, so I thought it was a bug). The next weekend, I got a bad headache that kicked my arse for 2 days straight. Then I got the sore throat, fever, chills, fatigue, etc. I missed several days of work, and slept my life away for those 6 days that I was actually sick. Went to the doctor, he gave me a few shots and allergy meds (FINALLY). I've been begging for years for something stronger than benedyrll (sp?) and I finally got it! It has totally made a difference!

Wayne has decided that when he "grows up", he wants to be a professional bowler. I've been trying to support this idea for YEARS, but I think his confidence is high enough now that he knows he can do it! I've known for years that this man has a gift; his gift, however, is that he has ambition like no other. ANYTHING he wanted to do, with my support, he will make successful; I know this beyond anything else that I know (or will ever learn). So look for him in a few years on ESPN, on Sundays when they show the USBC/PBA tournaments!!!

As everyone may or may not know, we started a bunch of home renovations last April. Everything is completed, with the exception of laying the flooring (which will enable Wayne to finish the columns), replacing our crappy sliding glass door with a REAL (and more secure) door with HUGE glass panels on either side, and him building a small desk and bookshelves for my "office" area for Gigi On The Go and the entertainment/ tv center. We've finished the laundry room; I painted it yesterday. Wayne may still have to do a little work to the unfinished wall on the outside, but I'm not sure what he wants done to that. MY laundry room is complete-now I can decorate!!! :)

Wayne made it a day of shampooing and steam cleaning the carpets Saturday. I went to Serenity, and AWESOME salon owned by my friend Chandy. If you live in Huntsville, look her up-she's a pro and SUPER nice!!!! NO one will touch my hair again! Hmmmmm, the rest of the weekend was pretty uneventful, outside of errand-running (at least for me, Wayne did lots of bowling and fishing) and cleaning. That's ok, it was still a little brisk for me to be out in the elements.

So, to date, my business has had over 170 hits on the "half-way finished" site; I have 2 ads coming out in local circulars; I have flyers and cards that I'm dropping off every chance I get. I've had a few phone calls, but mostly people asking questions about what all I do and fees. Hopeful clients for the future! I am spending this week marketing; errrr, well, honestly I guess I'll be marketing until I get some business! Makes more sense :) I get soo excited thinking about it..............................

Ok, I know this blog is a little broken up, but what can you expect when I'm bored at work and decided to blog instead of sitting here picking my nose??!?!??



Confessions of an Insomniac said...

I like to pick my nose, but I would rather read your blogs :)

Anonymous said...

He is a very lucky man to have such support from you, I hope someday i find someone as dedicated to me like that.