Monday, November 12, 2007

Interesting/Odd facts about me.....

It's been a bit since I've blogged, so I thought today I'd entertain you with some interesting/odd facts about myself:
1) I can be a HUGE drama queen, but only to a few select people (I know they love me that much).
2) I've been vegetarian for 2 months, but am craving seafood SOOOOO bad.
3) I hate (and I mean terror beyond death) spiders-they really freak me out!
4) I miss my friend Jennifer; I wish she lived closer. ;)
5) I love my husband beyond description, honestly, but I don't know how to show him.
6) I've decided to alleviate negativity from my life. So far, it's working!
7) I think it's gross to hear people chewing their food.
8) I've been getting out of bed at 5 A.M., just to help Wayne stop smoking.
9) I love tattoos; I think they are the best form of expression (tattoo=permanent=seriousness)
10) I am EXTREMELY stubborn.
11) I am scared to death of what people think of me.
12) I've been told that I'm very talented; I don't think so, despite my love of painting and poetry.
13) I love baby blue and buy everything I can find in that color.
14) I have OCD.
15) I found a lip gloss that I liked, so I bought 6 tubes (in case they stop making it).
16) I don't want to have children, but I love them dearly.
17) I love to fly fish.
18) I want to travel the world (and will before I'm 60).
19) I am out of shape but can run for an hour at a pretty steady pace.
20) I want to surround myself with driven, overly ambitious, intelligent people. (....does that make me a snob?)



Jennifer said...

My Angela! I miss you too! I will be in town this weekend. Will you be around? Want to get together?

jotto001 said...

Now you need to come up with 7 more ...

Well, here it is. I have completed my obligations of the so-called "meme" by tagging you it. I find this really silly, but you are welcome to play along or delete. If you choose to play, the rules of the "meme" can be found in my blog entry at

Anonymous said...

I thought you have children? Unless you changed your mind.

And i think all women can be drama queens, comes with the territory.