Tuesday, October 2, 2007

It's "soapbox" time!!!!

I try VERY hard to not gossip. If someone tells me something, that's usually as far as it goes. IF I do decide to talk to someone else about that topic, I turn it into a hypothetical situation. I make CERTAIN that NO ONE can trace it back to the origin! The only time I even do that is if I feel I need to help the person who talked to me, and I'm not sure of the sufficient advice to give them. I NEVER run to someone and say "so and so told me this" "so and so did that", I'm too old, and it's sooooo jr. high!

So what compels people to purposely gossip? I mean, tabloids give us enough stupid crap to clog up our thoughts without having to abuse "normal" people, or am I wrong? I know a group of people who act like that group of girls from school. You know who I'm talking about too; they'd stand in the halls, crowded together like a little coven around their cauldron! When they'd see a group talking, one of them would sass up and start talking all sweet (and nosy). I'd like to think I have more to do with my life than talk about someone behind their back!

I have been labeled a "callous" person because of my blunt tongue. If I don't like you, you know it. I'm not going to play around! I don't talk about people behind their backs; if I think you're an idiot, you'll know. If I've done something to you, say it to my face and don't gossip to others about "what my problem might be". I do have a life, and I'm really tired of people thinking that something is wrong with me because I'm not sitting on the phone or the internet "socializing". This certain group of people, I feel like they think I'm a snob; I'm just not a gossiper....I don't think it's appropriate to smile and talk to someone, and as soon as they turn around and are out of "ear shot" you start talking about them like their trash! WTF?????

***whisper, whisper.....giggle.....whisper, whisper.....LAUGH as loud as you can. When someone walks by, there is complete silence.....whisper, whisper, whisper***

Ok, yes, I'm in a bad mood....partly because I'm sick with a sinus infection, partly because I am emotionally worn out for some reason. I don't think it's depression, but stupid people are still stupid people. I cannot stand a "gossip" P-E-R-I-O-D!

thanks for letting me rant!


Jim said...

You are most welcome, feel free to do so at anytime!

Jennifer said...

Hey Angela, gossips suck. Females are the worse! I am not sure who I can trust ever (except you). On a side note, I have asked off for work next Friday so I can make sure I come in town for your party! Just picking out a costume :) Miss you. Love you. Can't wait to see you!

Anonymous said...

My kinda woman and i'm glad jennifer copped to the fact that most women do it, present company excluded of course.