Thursday, October 11, 2007

and a "follow-up" to Getting Inked PINK.....

this email came from my friend M (pictured in the blog before this). She organized our little gathering last night to see Jason at Hot Rod Tattoos.....we had a TREMENDOUS turnout, and love ensued:

"Just to let you know a little bit about the good you did last night...let me fill you in on Regina:

Regina Matlock is a perky, vivacious woman of just 38 years. She and her husband have three children ages 16, 14 and 22 months. Regina found out she had breast cancer about a month's a very rare and aggressive form of breast cancer that only affects about 5% of women. Her husband quit his job to help take care of her. Regina also cut her waist length hair recently and donated it to Locks of Love.

She had a radical (double) mastecomy about a week and a half ago. She is about to start four months of intense treatment.

She has a hard road ahead of her and because of all of you beautiful women...her road will be a bit easier financially and spiritually because Jason took $600.00 to her last night (A bit over $200 was what we raised last night!) and she knows that we're all pulling for her and have her in our prayers.

You ladies did a wonderful thing...and can continue to do so. Jason has committed to continuing these breast cancer ribbon tattoos until the doctors tell Regina she's in remission. Jason is getting his pink ribbon today. And, Regina's husband was the first person to get one!

So spread the word, not only about Regina and what Hot Rod Tattoos is doing but also about Breast Cancer Awareness. Be Aware - Be Alive...early detection truly is the key."

I am honored to wear this pink ribbon on my ankle! I hope that if something this traumatic were to happen to a loved one/friend/myself, that people would ralley and show this kind of love for me! It is a blessing to be able to support a total stranger in their time of need. I have forgotten and have been selfish. That all died last night, watching my friends and their friends laugh, take pictures, and get tattooed-All together, all selfless, all LOVE!



Anonymous said...

Vivacious needs to be used more in describing people.