Friday, September 21, 2007

My next tattoo

ok, I haven't been blogging much, but I'm feeling a little more inspired again. I have also found another tattoo, and this "officially" will be my next!

I stumbled across this brilliant artist named Jenny Bird Alcantara. You can find her work at If you go into her "store" link, and then into "necklaces" you will find one entitled "Sister". This is my new tattoo....and I cannot tell you how stoked I am. This woman is fascinatingly talented. I am in love!!!!!!!!

Promise to blog more often, I am helping my daddy move into his new house tomorrow!!!! So it won't be over the weekend, but very soon....



obsipo49 said...
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Jennifer said...

My Angela ... keep up with the blogging so I can get my regular dose of Angela :) Yes, you missed me in town last weekend. Tina texted me to say that everyone was too tired to go anywhere that evening. I will catch you next time!

Anonymous said...

Pics or it didn't happen.