Thursday, September 27, 2007

It is TRULY my life!

Ok, so I'm 5'10 and as of this morning, weigh about 148. I am by NO means fat; I know this. I want to get a few things out in the open right now.....1) I KNOW I'm not fat. 2) I DO know that I'm very out of shape (which is totally embarrassing for me, at BARELY 31). 3) I also know that if I do not do something now, it will get out of control the older I get.

I must act, before I wake up dying! Yesterday, I had a VERY big awakening: VERY BIG.

Let's travel back to Mother's Day weekend (I believe). Wayne and I were on our way back from TN, and we were having a conversation about vegans and the whole battle of meat. I'll be honest, no one loves a big bloody steak like yours truly, but I was awakened to the AWFUL treatment of the animals not long ago. Most of them aren't dead when the meat is stripped from their bodies to feed us. This made me cringe. I am a huge animal lover; I can't squish a bug.....(spiders are a whole other story!)

This conversation provoked much emotion and lots of questions. I have a wonderful friend who is extremely knowledgeable of what's truly good for your body and the environment. She teaches yoga, and we've had many conversations that aroused my curiosity further. Because of this woman, I finally cut the cords of smoking. She opened my eyes to things like veggie burgers, almond milk, and other super yummy foods that were animal/environment friendly. (and by the way, M, I love ya!)

Yesterday, iTunes had a free excerpt from a book, "Skinny Bitch", and I downloaded the clippet and listened with childish fascination! The book isn't about dieting and exercising yourself stupid. It's about your diet and lifestyle, and the government's handle of overly processed foods and health's just a plethora of information, and it scared the crap out of me! I listened to the whole 4 hours pretty much at once. As I type this, I'm listening to it again.

I talked extensively with Wayne last night, about becoming vegetarian; NOT because I think I'm fat (and yes, I will keep saying this), NOT because I'm worried about becoming overweight, but because I care about my husband (and his heart), and I care about my health and appearance. I was convinced before that meat was bad; not just because it's full of fats and antibiotics and weirdness, but because those poor animals suffer to give us a few pounds of flesh. They suffer so that we can fry, grill, boil, and bake our way to a FREAKING heart attack!

"Skinny Bitch" is an eye-opener, and I think that it's probably more true than not. We all know that the government is going to do whatever they have to do to line their pockets. I mean, let's think about it....."they" tell you one day that caffeine is bad, the next week it's good; red wine is bad, next week it's good.....etc.

Yesterday, on CNN's website, there was an article about how hundreds of drugs have fallen into a "black hole" (and yes, that was the term they used). The FDA has NO idea how many of these drugs are being prescribed to people, not knowing the consequences of handing them out to innocent people. Aren't we supposed to trust our doctors and the government to "keep us safe"? *Just one example of things discussed in this book* It was too coincidental, and that is the moment I bought the book off iTunes.

Any way, I haven't blogged in a while and thought I should keep it up! I'm making a lifestyle change.....that is all. A change to help out my conscious (knowing I'm not contributing to killing animals); a change to make me feel better, both inside and out; a change to make sure that I'm doing everything that I can to be as healthy and aware as possible! That is all......and that is enough for me!



Jennifer said...

Oh, but Angela, meat tastes so good! I started exercising everyday. It is amazing how much better I feel. I wish I was in Huntsville with you and we could start getting healthy together!

I'm not weird, I'm unique!!! said...

yes, meat does taste good, but it's strange how much better I feel cutting it out. I do wish you were here to workout with me-that would SO rock!!!

Anonymous said...

I don't trust any government organization or drug nowadays. I a m not a vegitarian not because i hate animals but because i was ondoctrined on meat even though i do not eat much of it.