Sunday, September 2, 2007

Daddy's Little Girl

First off, I want to dedicate this to 2 people-my Daddy, for always being there for me, for never giving up on my dreams, for being my best friend....and to Jim. I honestly pray that you find your little girl. You are an amazing man, with too much heart (and yes, you try to hide that, but I see through you, my friend). Stay strong, and I hope that this is along the lines of your request.

A good friend requested that I write about the relationship between and father and his daughter. Being a HUGE "daddy's girl", I quickly snatched the opportunity to write about my relationship, and those I've observed in the past. I am not a man, so I can't tell it from that side (as well), but here goes. To all the fathers out there, I salute you! It's not an easy job, I know, but thanks for always being there!

I'll start with a little background. Married at 18, in the Navy, and I came along at 19. His relationship with my mother was dedicated, but she proved the heartless woman that she remains today. They divorced when I was 7, leaving my mother in custody of my 3 year old brother and myself. There is a very painful and LONG story here that I won't go into....let's just say that it was a very bad battle, and when I was 13, my dad won that battle. We moved in with him that summer, right before school started.

My father always supported everything that I wanted from life. He always told me that he'd let me make my own decisions, but would always be there to steer me the right way if I veered off my path. He to this day is my inspiration; I still worry of disappointing him in my decisions. I love him that much! My husband is about the only other man that I've met that fills the boots of a "great man".

I observe people; I have since college, when I became really involved with Theatre. It was an escape from things that hurt about my past, namely my mother, or lack of one. I hope that my father realizes that he is a GREAT parent, very dedicated to my and my brother's welfare and healthy upbringing-thank you Daddy! I'm not nearly going into depth about my relationship; I don't know that I could describe my love for my father!

My Observations
Most of the people I know have children. Probably 3/4 of them have a little girl. I don't know one person that isn't beside themselves over their children. In fact, the woman who gave birth to me is the ONLY person I know that isn't so in love with her children that she'd die for them....funny, isn't it? Hmmm, let's see....a father's relationship with is daughter: be continued upon further research, and an interview or 2. :)



Anonymous said...

Thanks for that, so often you see men demonized for being inferior parents compared to women but your living proof that single dads can do a great job.

I hope that if i am ever one that i will be half the man your dad is. Probably without the wife as most women i have been involved with sound a lot like your mother.