Monday, August 27, 2007


Ahhhh, the wonderfully controversial tattoo....I'm hearing more and more about how "respectable" businesses do not, NO, will not hire employees that are perfectly qualified for a position if there is even the slightest hint of visible tattoo-BLAH! WhatEVER....that ranks right up there with not hiring a woman because she has pierced's frivolous banter-excuses!!!! "The Man" having his say because his power is slipping a little.

I have several tattoos, and am presently working on 2 more that I hope to have before the end of the year. I currently possess a Celtic (pagan) symbol representing nature, a lotus flower, Kanji for "love" and "peace", and a tribal sun (this one designed by my younger sister, and a bonding for us as she got the same tattoo *her first*). Now while all are strategically placed, NONE are hidden because I feared not getting a job based solely on my tattoos (and not my ability).

Maybe this situation rings strangely to me because I work in accounting, so I don't deal with customers. I used to do marketing, and appearance was everything; from the perfume you wore, to the clothes, to your hair, and whether or not your were wearing lip gloss. I find offense a little I guess because there's also been controversy in the military about tattoos! How is it that a man/woman can go to war and risk their lives, but "The Man" is telling them they cannot have visible tattoos? Ok, I understand there's a degree of protection going on here.....military tattoos are usually that, a symbol of the branch/division, a motto, but still.

Tattoos have been around forever (and yes, I'm being lazy and not looking up a date, but part of that stems from there being a flux in actually dates). Tribes used tattoos to show rank/status within their little community. Warriors were tattooed to show ability and conquests. History is speckled with tattoos, and it's become a familiar part of pop culture. I personally get tattoos to symbolize important steps/memories in my life.

Take for example, I'm looking to get a tattoo (VERY soon) of a dragonfly. Why? Well, I've always thought dragonflies were awesome. Well, in just their delicate nature, they are so vicious; the male will pierce the females heads during mating-OUCH! Regardless, I find them fascinating. This dragonfly will reside on my right hip, with a small portion visible always, peeking out of the waistline of my pants. (I find this tactic HILARIOUS, "the peeking tattoo", and it's quite sexy) Why a dragonfly? Let me start at the beginning......

Several years ago, my husband and I were kayaking on the Flint River. Wayne was fishing, and I was taking pictures. Up in the distance, I could see a HUGE mass in the middle of the river; no idea what it was. It was too small to be a bear (and that's just crazy for our area). Not shaped like a horse, too dark to be a dear? I get a little closer, and this mass raises its head and starts barrelling toward my kayak-OH HELL!!!!!

I hear "NOOOOOO Jake, bad dog", and then realize this thing is an enormous black lab. Introduce Dave, Camille, and Jake. Dave and Camille always hung out on the river at the edge of their property. Wayne and I often looked forward to floating that stretch of river, just to visit with the 3 of them. We'd stop, chat over a cold beer and laugh, enjoying the beauty of the outdoors. Jake was always so playful and a great dog!

We always loved watching the dragonflies dancing and bouncing off the water, and one day when Wayne and I were floating, I caught glimpse of a dragonfly (about 4" long-HUGE) trapped in a wolf spider's web. It was struggling so, and I'm SOOO afraid of spiders, but I was determined that this one would live another day. Wayne came up, smashed the spider (and this web, mind you, was big enough to trap small birds), tore down the web, and I put this dragonfly in my kayak to recover. It was a nice day, overcast and a bit chilly. I couldn't wait to get to Dave & Camille's to show them my newest save.

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The dragonfly slowly came around (from exhaustion I guess), but began crawling up and down my leg, and even climbing to the edge of the kayak opening to catch the breeze. By the time we got to Dave and Camille's property, he'd gotten spunky, flipping his wings...just wouldn't take off? We show Dave and Camille, pet Jake, talk about our float so far. As we're getting ready to leave, we decide their property is a great place to leave said dragonfly to fully recover, eat, and enjoy his life. I put him on a tree branch, giggle and say my goodbyes, and turn to tell Dave and Camille goodbye. Suddenly Jake comes whizzing by me and snatches that poor dragonfly right off the branch, gulps him right down.

I screamed in horror, and then couldn't stop laughing. We all just looked dazed, laughing.....damned dog! I loved that dog, even though he wasn't mine; he loved everyone he met. He passed away shortly after, from cancer. I cried the night Dave called and told us. My dragonfly is my memories of the Flint River, and of that awesome lab, Jake.

And with that, I will go....but check back soon. Hopefully I'll have my sketch finished, and I can tell you about my other tat!



Anonymous said...

More and more people have tattoos around here in service jobs, i never got any due to fear of being hired like you and the fact i never found any one worth getting.

I do think they look better on women than men though, so long as they are not covered head to toe.

I like dragonflies too and i think spiders are probably the ugliest creatures on earth and the creepiest too with their beady extra eyes, hairy legs, and silently watching you in the shower.