Thursday, August 23, 2007


My love for you is eternal.
Your pain now stands no chance.
I surround you in a warm, white light
Of soothing love and tranquility.
To ease your suffering,
I'd go to the ends of the stars.

Lift your head, little one
And let me hold you tight.
Drowned out the bad;
Breathe, and let the good flow.
I wrap my wings around you;
I'll protect you now.

Life makes little sense.
At times it can be consuming,
But do not fret, my friend.
I am your rock
When life seems too smothering.
My love for you is eternal, powerful!

*I dedicate this to a certain "someone" in hopes that she will find her path, and gain back her center; her happiness*

I love you sweetness-you know who you are ;)

© Angela Henson 2007

I catch your scent
For a brief moment,
And it takes me back
To this morning-
Curled up in bed,
My face buried
In your pillow.
I long now
For that ten minutes,
When you crawl back in bed
And pull me against you.
Warmth and strength
Embrace me....
And I sigh.
You bury your face
In my hair,
And my world is complete!
I feel whole.
Why can't time stand still,
Even but for just this moment??!!??

© Angela Henson 2007

To steal you away
From the bad, the pain, the darkness.
To wrap you in warmth and give you strength.
My heart cries out, my head reels
To snatch you from the unknown.

You cry and ache.
You are lost and alone.
Please take a breath and think....
How much worse could it be;
To be free, to be loved, to be?

Listen with your heart,
But listen with your head too.
These things that you cling to
May not always be good.
I just want you safe....and happy.

© Angela Henson 2007

Because I don't show enough, sometimes writing is the only way I can express things...
This is one of those times....To my devoted, hard-working husband; I'll tell the world!

A True Man

The way you hold me,
How deeply you kiss me,
You sing ONLY to me!
These things tell me
That you are a true man.

You reach over in the night
To make sure that I'm covered up.
The way you breathe deeply
When I take my hair down at night;
You bury your face in my neck,
And you love my "natural" look.

A hard-worker & an honest man.
You love & live & always give
100% of yourself to your passions;
I'm honored to be one of those!
These things ALL tell me
That you are a TRUE man!

I love you Wayne~

© Angela Henson 2007

As night falls and my loneliness seems unbarable-
I begin to dream of you.
As the yearning calls and I can't stand it-
I give in to you.
I lay in bed and drift off slowly;
My mind races,
My heartbeat quickens.
And this is all just thinking of you.

And where are you tonight, my sweet prince?
As I touch my soft warm skin....
I close my eyes
And take a deep breath.
Chills embrace my body and I begin to shake.
My hands move across my stomach,
Slowly, and I think of you......
Why aren't you here?

The first touch, I shiver and smile.
It comes easier now;
I can almost feel the warmth of your body.

© Angela Henson 2007

I watch you falling, and I reach for you.
Instead of taking my hand,
You turn to see the ground closing in on you.
When you finally turn your eyes to me
It's too late!

© Angela Henson 2007

*why do people worry more about how fast the ground's closing in on them than seeing who's there to keep them FROM falling? Don't always assume your angel will be there to catch you if you jump; sometimes we're merely there to keep you from falling.*


Jim said...

Absolutely beautiful. I'm going to greatly enjoy reading here. :-)

Anonymous said...

My favorite is the first one, i want to send it to my best friend now. I love to write but i have zero poetry skills myself.