Friday, August 10, 2007

Passing time

Ok, so I'm at work....obviously there's nothing to do. It's what makes me hate Fridays (as much as I love them). Yes, granted, there's always SOMEthing to do, I like being a little more creative than filing, cleaning my office, filing....I mean, it only takes me so long to file paperwork!

So, I've decided that I'll blog when I've completed my work. At least this way, I'll be creative and using more of my brain than doing some mediocre task. I'd like to think I'm pretty smart, so I feel like my brain is rotting standing in front of filing cabinets....filing away-GAH! :)

Anyone out there in "LaLa Land" who actually reads this interested in chihuahuas? I honestly thought they were the most revolting dogs when I was younger; ranking right up there with dobermans (I was attacked when I was 3, yes I hold a grudge for that!). I used to help a friend train horses, and we'd be riding along when OUT of NOwhere, there is this yiping. You never see the freaking dogs because the grass was taller than they were, but they sure would spook the horses!

I met Wayne when I was (barely) 19, and his mom had Paco. He was a mean snot, thus reinforcing my indifference that their breed existed and further proving (at least to me) that Chihuahuas were PESTS.

When Wayne and I actually moved in together though, we had this affinity for window shopping. What else is there to do when you're poor and looking for entertainment. Knowing my love for animals, he'd take me to the pet store on Sundays. We'd play with the kittens and puppies; it was fun. One day we happened on this little blonde chi male, and I fell in love. I don't think I'd ever seen a puppy to realize HOW freaking cute they are! *imagine a fuzzy bobblehead with adorable eyes pouting up at you* Well, to make a long story shorter, we didn't get to take him was fate, as 5 years later came Myles!

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He was the runt of Foxy's first litter, born about two weeks before Halloween, and as soon as I saw him, I knew he was my Myles. I looked at Wayne, and he immediately shook his head in approval. :) weeeeeeeee I went to the store a week early and bought toys and food and a little sweater for him. He's been a great lil mutt, and I will be absolutely heartbroken when he passes (but that's SEVERAL years down the road). I'll post more of his escapades throughout, but we'll forward to buying our first home and getting Baby (my female chi).

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Baby (poo, as I affectionately call her) came to us in early December our first year in our house. She had been abused (kicked around and yelled at by a nasty Mexican man Maria's mom was dating)(a side note: Maria is the owner of Foxy, Myles birth mum) Our first few months with her were bad. Wayne could barely speak above a whisper without the dog peeing all over herself. If you tried to pet her, she'd start squeeling, and she's got one hell of a set of pipes! We found out upon her first vet visit that her shoulder had been fractured as some point, but the vet said it was old, and that it could have been just from a fall or something (in other words, it wouldn't be safe to assume this had come from some JERK of a man kicking the dog, or worse, knocking her off the couch or something).

Anyway, she's completely reformed; a total daddy's girl. She loves men WAY more than women. She still does the squeeling thing, but we've concluded that maybe it's her way of "talking", whereas Myles has this gruff that almost sounds like he's saying "hi."

You'll learn, the more comfortable I get blogging here: I have ZERO tolerance for abusers, be it animals, children, spouses, whatever. BUT I really have no tolerance for people that abuse animals and children; both are innocent creatures that trust to be protected.

Thanks for hanging out and reading another "rant", sometimes they will be funny, other times I may have to take my heels off so my clumsy butt doesn't fall off my soapbox. Either way, I'm open to comments (I welcome them actually). I'm not usually one to take offense at criticisms or other's perspective: it's what makes us all unique!!!



Anonymous said...

My best friend loves them too, i want to buy her one so this information is relevant to me. I also feel bad getting pets knowing they will die someday and think there should be a one strike law for abusers too.